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A very interesting post about Financial Services taken from our good friends at …… …definietley worth a read if you’re considering the sector…!

Financial Services is pretty much all based on what used to be called usury - the practice of making money from money. No creation of anything useful or worthwhile is involved. No real wealth is being created (to use Buckminster Fuller?s definition of real wealth as whatever ?nurtures and accommodates human life?).

All that pointless work. And it?s not just the thousands of unfortunate office wage-slaves. Consider also the buildings that house the Financial Services companies, the computer systems used, the junk mail they send out by the thousand tons. All of this requires human work to conceive, plan, design, schedule, build, manage, implement, market and deliver. Pointless jobs.

A recent survey showed that 60% of UK workers feel their work is of no use to society. Look around and be aware of the pointlessness of most work. There are examples everywhere ? the so-called loyalty cards which every large retail store seems to issue, the over-complex tax system which creates a necessity for accountants (and for people who conceive, plan, design, schedule, write and print the tax form instructions, and the people who make the headache pills for everyone who has to fill in a tax return).

Everybody in my street (except me) has a burglar alarm installed (in spite of the fact that the burglary rate in my area has been virtually zero for years). Try to imagine the amount of human work involved in conceiving, planning, designing, producing, marketing, installing and maintaining all the products and services which owe their existence to our over-stimulated fears of crime and property loss.

Now try to imagine a society where people work only on things that are essential, beneficial or enjoyable. The essential work would probably require only a few hours a week at the most. There would still be unpleasant jobs, but if we had a true labour market, the most unpleasant jobs would be the highest paid jobs.


That’s a brilliant article. It’s true in many respects. I think the one thing I’d contest is that sometimes the ‘financial services’ work plays an abstract role, but say you want to buy a house, nobody will give you money except a financial services institution; if you want to insure you care, nobody will write that risk except an insurer. Without these things, the world would be a different (better?) place.

But the truth is, working for a financial services company, you never see the point of what you’re doing. You’ll never see the houses that have been bought, the cars that have been crashed or the investments that have been made, and you’ll never get the warm glowing feeling that you might get if you were a doctor, which is probably why anybody in such a job doesn’t really see the point.


Warm glowing feeling you’d get if you were a doctor? …You know that Gp suicides in the UK are at the highest rate they’ve ever been because of the sh*t work condidtions and 7 minute max time slots… right!!!


Not really true actually… Some people love working with animals, and would do it for £12,000 a year. Some wouldn’t do it for a million. ‘Like’ is subjective, whether it refers to how much you like your job, or how much you like money.

The system we have is good. I just don’t understand why so many of us do such dull jobs when much more fun ones are open to them… but that’s just my opinion, eh. :rolleyes: