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I am really interested in a career in Financial PR. Does anyone know of any good firms that offer graduate schemes? Has anyone applied for these previously?



Hey Londoner - I don’t, but I wouldn’t have thought many Financial PR firms would offer set graduate schemes, and if they did it’s unlikely these would be very large affairs (probably 3-5 people max). I’ll try to find some names for you. I would suggest any kind of experience you can get as being highly useful. PR is competitive - so experience working at a PR firm (any type of PR would be fine) and experience working in the city/finance would be great. A finanical PR firm would love to hire a graduate with some expert knowledge of finance, I’m sure.


Yeah that’s pretty specialist. I know when I did some [[work experience]] at the [[BBC]], my previous knowledge of finance from the [[Big 4]] helped, and could still really help me get a job there- in other words, there aren’t many people who work in the media who also have a good knowledge of finance.

Have you considered working somewhere like [[Bloomberg]]? Or is financial PR specifically that you want. Also, do you have any experience?


Actually it would probably be possible to work in PR for [[Bloomberg]] - they are a massive global company and would have their own internal PR department. However, this will be almost impossible to get in to and so competitive it’s unlikely they’ll even advertise jobs in the department when they become available.

Your experience in finance (if you do have any) would certainly bolster any applications you made - although to really beat off the competition you’ll need a second language after English, and you’ll need to be fluent in it. The same thing goes for their copywriting/editorial roles - unless you have a second european language (fluent speaker) you’re no good to them.

Take note too, that Bloomberg are known for paying their editorial/PR staff about as well as their cleaners. If you want to earn any decent money with the company you should think about sales, which although it is sales, it is actually known for being a decent job at Bloomberg, and gives you a lot of opportunity to travel globally.

Why are you/what makes you interested in a career in Financial PR?


Hi Londoner
try finsbury, brunswick, pelham, hogarth, hill & knowton and FD, they’re the top ones. They also like experience but they are also willing to give experience, as some of them did for me. good luck


Useful - thanks Kristinak. Do you work in Financial Pr then?


My friend works in financial pr for a company called the profile group


Cool. Can you get them to come on WikiJob and give us the lowdown on their interview experience?! That would be ‘’‘amazing’’’! :stuck_out_tongue: …!


These are also worth looking at.


Has anyone on the forum had any experience applying to Buchanan?


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