Financial Conduct Authority applications



Has anybody hear applied to the FCA for their graduate development programme?

I recently sat the numerical test which was fine, but the logic test (Kenexa) was the most difficult one I have ever sat. 24 questions in 12 minutes, and all very intricate/advanced logic images.

Would be interested to know how anyone else got on



Were these tests part of your online application form or were you invited to take these after you submitted the application?


After, why do you ask?


I ask because I have yet to be invited to take these tests and it has been a few weeks now since I completed the full application form. Did it take a while for the invite?


Yeah it took a few weeks before they got back to me. Let me know how you get on if/when you have the tests.

Make sure you really practice for the logic one, I went in thinking it would be like the others… How wrong I was


I will do. And yeah Kenexa tests tend to be more time restrictive. I would say that means they are looking primarily for accuracy.


I’ve got the telephone interview coming up? Has anyone else?


Yea, somehow passed those tests! Any idea on what they might ask?


I think it is competencies and they have 5 cultural characteristics lik- Backbone - Professional excellence - Curiosity - Already on the case - Strength as a team

However as it is a new scheme it is hard to know what will come up, although it is competency based. What do you think and when do you have it?


Mine is next week. I am a little apprehensive as it is a new scheme, guess everyone is in the same boat though!

I imagine it will be pretty similar to the old one, covering the same competencies etc, just going to make sure I know my application inside out and really research the FCA!


I just had it, really not competency based at all. I’d say just about the FCA really so research that, was just under 20 minutes as well, so there wasn’t much to say!


So what would you say I need to know…what the FCA is currently involved with or how it functions in general. Can you please be more precise? I have this interview coming up and I am tad nervous. Thanks for any help, really.


Ye all of that. The questions were weird. say what you like about the FCA, what it has done well recently. Just read about recent work they have done so you have something talk about. She also asked what I could bring to the FCA so that was the one area where I used some competency, but you can choose what you want.


I have my telephone interview tomorrow and have done loads and loads on competencies, but not that much on the FCA, I guess I am on the wrong track. So basically I need to know the FCA inside out? Do you know if you passed?


Rohinmaini72, how long was it before you heard back after your telephone interview?


I got through and I found out on the same day, as I say you need to know a lot about the FCA, just read some consultation reports and the ft


Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your help.


Yes, thankyou so much


Had my phone interview and passed.

As said before make sure you know alot about the FCA, and the qualities you can bring to them.

Ensure you are reading newspapers, I got asked a commercial awareness question that had to be away from the FCA.

Also be ready to give an example of a time when you demonstrated a certain skill (determination, creativity etc)


Good luck to those who have it today. Let us know how you get on!