Financial Appraisal Tests


Hi There;

Does anyone have any experience with Financial Appraisal Tests? I have one coming up for FSA and haven’t seen much information about it. Does anyone have any experience with other firms doing this test? I’ve heard that you might not be able to use a calculator?!


Look through for the FSA threads in here and people talk about them. You don’t get a calculator but you don’t need one. You can’t prepare, I think it was much easier than the usual numerical tests. Its more about just using information you are given and applying rules. Take your time, but not too much! Make sure you read all the info given to you, and don’t panic cos nobody finishes the whole thing! Good luck


A samply typical-type question would be helpful… Are u able to oblige? I have one coming up next week.


Any concrete info / examples on FSA Financial appraisal tests?
I have read a number of posts where people say that they are easy, but being from a Physics background, I wouild appreciate an example to understand it better, not that I lack numberical skills.



Can anyone provide guidence for the FSA Financial Reasoning test? What kind of preparation is required? or what sort of questions are asked?

Many thanks


Hi guyz, firstly thank you all for your contributions. I have just taken the financial reasoning test which I must say was rather difficult. I would like to encourage those of you who can, to get as much practice as you can including purchasing the practice material. I was doing well on the free examples eg shldirect, kent uni numerical tests & other websites (you know them anyway, if not; GET BUSY.) I was averaging about +/-80% however, If the FSA test I just took is standard, I advice anyone who is getting about the same percentage on practice questions as myself to put +30% more effort. I did my best but am unlikely to go through. I got to question number 21 of 22 with 4 ‘i dont knows’ & 2 guesses.

I noticed 1 thing I would like to share with everyone looking to take the test. Please be ready for CHALLENGING questions as early as on question 2,3&4 as happened to myself. It might sound obvious but when one is actually taking the test, one needs to gain confidence by getting the first few questions correctly relatively easy.

Good Luck