Finance in Investment Banks



Just a quick question was just wondering what kind of Universities do Investment Banks hire graduates from for roles in Finance?



Generally, banks tend to stick to target unis. In my opinion these would be the top five/ ten unis. However I know a number of people in BO and MO roles from unis outside the top ten. In fact I know an S&T analyst at a large US IB from a uni within the top 20 ranking by times higher education survey. Selection goes more towards exceptional work experience/ internships, extra curriculars, good degree result (ideally a 1st class) and very good performance on online tests that supplement the applications. Master all of this and you should lock down interviews. Then its just a question of you industry knowledge and making the right impression. Hope this helps.




people seem to forget that banks also hire students not just from UK. about 1/3 to 1/4 of front office analysts comes from outside UK.