Final round cull


I was wondering if anyone has any idea how many candidates that reach the final round of interviews with the big 4 get through? I’ve got an assessment day at deloitte next Monday and I’m very curious as to how many that reach this stage get offers.

It strikes me as being almost cruel to bring a candidate in, put them through the e-tray, have them meet successful trainees, have a partner interview and be given a tour of the office where they could be working and then to tell the majority that they have failed! I can understand why the final day is like this since candidates should be given enough knowledge of their potential workplace as possible in order for them to make an informed decision if they are successful. However, as a candidate who would almost certainly want the job it would be quite gutting to be turned down after spending a whole day where you really want to work.

If anyone has an idea of the percentage of final day candidates that receive offers I’d be curious to know.



I imagine this depends on the company in question, but getting to an assessment centre is no mean feat! Usually by this stage anything up to 80% of applicants have already been turned down.

Typically 1/2 to 1/3 of assessment centre candidates get offers (from what I’ve heard) - but in most cases if they like you they will offer you a job. You might have seen several stories on here about people getting offers after their first choice of location/service line were already full.


It depends massively on the quality/size/popularity of the firm, the quality of other candidates in your specific assessment day (this varies a lot) and how many other offers have been made before your assessment day.

Once 90% of offers have been made and/or accepted, Recruiters/HR will either be keen to wrap things up asap - or - get more picky, depending on time/resources available to them.

I expect a rough guide would be 20% - 30% get through from assessment days - but it’s not a very useful statistic! You might be the only person from your assessment who gets an offer, or everyone might!

As for it being cruel to show candidates around before crushing them with rejection - corporations are cruel. Just look at the massive city banking job cuts right now!

Good luck in your assessment - don’t worry about percentages, just worry about solid preparation and research - and don’t try working out if you are better than other candidates at the assessment, just concentrate on getting on with them, teamwork, confidence, leadership…you’ll do fine.

Let us know how it goes!