Final outcomes for June interviews

The Graduate


Hello everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone who had final interviews conducted throughout June had heard from the Graduate Team this week? I know it’s still early within the second week of July, but I’m so anxious to hear if they had begun letting candidates know! :slight_smile:


Hey! No I’m in the same boat as you … I think this will be a long week!


Agreed! What have you applied for and which office? Best of luck to you!


Tech consulting in Birmingham - fingers crossed there are still places available! :slight_smile: what have you applied for? Good luck too!!


Tech consulting in Manchester :slight_smile: Thanks!!


Hi all,

The senior management were sitting down this afternoon to look at all interviews and scores from June and early July, so we’re hoping to get some decisions on this later this week. Rest assured we will be chasing for the outcomes each day. Sorry about the delay so far.

Kind Regards,



Hi guys, how did your final interviews go?


Hi! I had mine on the 17th of June and just waiting to hear back. I think it went well but fingers crossed…how about yourself?


I think it went really well, this waiting game is racking up a lot of nerves. What discipline did you apply for?


I think we’re all in the same position, yeah. I applied for Technology Consulting, and you?


Tech consulting in Birmingham, although my interview was held in Canary Wharf.


When was your interview?


19th June.


Hi Sam,

Are you aware if any feedback to candidates has already been given this week or will it be a case of trying to get through all candidates at the end of the week?


Sorry, but no one has their results yet. The senior management team sat down at the end of Tuesday and we haven’t heard back yet. Until we do, we won’t be able to communicate outcomes I’m afraid. Rest assured we are chasing every day for the outcomes and will let you know once we have them. Sorry about the delay everyone!


Hi Sam,

I hope your well and in good spirits.

I assume the outcome of final interviews would be delayed till next week given there’s only one more day to advise whether successfull or not?



Anyone heard anything yet?


Not yet…I’m losing my mind. Have you?


I think we’re all in the same boat and really eager to find out.


Haha no me neither! I have a feeling they will probably delay until next week :frowning: