Final interview with Lidl!


Hello everyone,

I am going to have a second (final) interview in Lidl store with the district manager. Does anyone know what should I expect?
Any other information will be very appreciated.



Hi syva. I’m sure you’ve had the interview now and probably started the job! Just wondered how it went? My boyfriend is at lidl and found the recruitment process wasn’t too bad but they can be v slow at getting back to you.


There are rumours that the job itself is very high pressure - do either of you have any thoughts on this?


I would definately agree that it’s high pressure. To be honest, there are many faults in terms of transparency and what they expect from their staff but apparently they’re trying to make interviewees fully aware if what’s expected from them before any job offer’s made.

My boyfriend has been with the company a year and a half and is currently store manager of one of the top stores in the region. Despite the fact he’s not in a ‘problem store’ he works very long hours (on a par with my friends who are training as city solicitors!) on a regular basis. Even before he was store manager there was a lot of pressure put on him - expectations in terms of quality and speed are very very high and responsibility is piled on you very early on.

That said, there was a lot of disruption in his store early on with a large number of managers leaving and so he really was thrown in at the deep end. However, from what I know this is not uncommon.

I am honestly not in the slightest suprised by the high burn out rate mentioned on the wiki. The hours are consistently beastly and the pressure of the job does mean it preys on your mind even outside of work hours. Last year, for example, it took him 3 days of our week-long holiday to get his mind of work and actually start relaxing and he gets phonecalls outside of work hours quite often for alarm call outs or from his DM/other managers.

Obviously I’m in no way objective as I see how much they take from my bf and how miserable he is at times so feel free to take what I say with a pinch of salt. And I’ll be the first to admit that the pay is very good, the prospects for progression are there (although ime you have to really push for promotion unless you’re willing to take on a ‘problem store’) and the experience is exceptional - if you want to learn work ethic and work the rest of your life feeling happy when a future employer only makes you work 50/60 hour weeks then Lidl is definately the place to start.

I don’t know if that answers your question but there you go - a midnight rant. I’ve also posted on the wiki if that’s of any use to anyone.