Final interview - Pensions Actuarial


I have a final interview for Pensions Actuarial on 17th December

However, I am unsure about the content of the interview that day. Will I be required to do a presentation on a certain topic? I am assuming that competency based questions and even situational judgement questions will be asked.

The email I have received about it has only confirmed the time, location and date.


Hi I applied to the same position and I am in the same situation as you. May I know what was your interview like? Did you do a presentation? It is hard to find information for Pension Actuarial as not as many people applied to it compare to audit and advisory. \What was the outcome of your interview? I hope you passed it.


Hello, firstly this interview happened quite a few months ago (over 6 now) so my knowledge may be a bit rusty.

The interview was part “chatty” and part structured. There was no presentation required for the interview.

The structured questions required mainly a commercial awareness knowledge. One was about a currently business that was struggling (I chose Volkswagon) and the other was about conducting a presentation about new business to other members of the team. The later question I am rusty on but I think there are more information in the other threads.

I would mainly suggest thinking about your motivations for the “chatty” part of the interview. Ie why you want to work for KPMG, why you want to become an actuary, why do you want work in pensions etc. Most questions are covered in the threads here. Just write down a list of say a few bullet points for each but do not try and memorise answers too much. You want the interview to follow well and having memorised answers just makes it too rigid and often leads to you struggling in questions that may not have been covered in these forums.

I actually failed this interview, mainly because of giving a poor answer to the new business question. My answer was too vague. However I managed to secure a position as a pensions actuary with another member of the big 4 so I am too bothered about it tbh.

Good luck and I hope my answer helped!


Hi I applied to the same position as you! I am preparing for the first interview now ( I did not expect it to be a face-to-face interview). Can you please share some tips on first interview? I am also confused about the dressing code. Thank you!!