Fidessa Graduate Analyst Programmer interview#2


I realise there are posts about Fidessa already but they seem to be for the core development positions in Woking…

Does anyone have any experience with Fidessa interviews for the Graduate Analyst Programmer position? I had a first round last week and have been invited to a second. The first round just consisted of 1:1 interview with a senior guy, with some SQL, Tcl questions. I was wondering what to expect at the second?


i have a second stage interview for a Graduate Analyst role at Fidessa. Has anyone one done the interview… can anyone tell me the type of technical questions they ask for this role thank you


Can you give me some information about the first interview for the graduate analyst position?
Many thanks for the help


Hello everyone,

I have a face to face interview at Fidessa for the Graduate Connectivity Engineer position. Do you have any recommendations or any kind of information about the questions, the procedure or the format of the interview?

Thanks in advance