Fidessa F2F interview


Hi folks,

I have applied to Fidessa in Woking for C++ Developer. I have cleared their logical reasoning test and now have been invited for face to face interview at Woking office next week. I am wondering what all things are expected in that? What is the structure? Please can somebody who has experienced advise? I shall be grateful.

Thank You.


I’ve replied to you via PM.


hello respect, thanks for your advise. very helpful.

but still I would appreciate more inputs from someone who have attended C++ or any other programming language software developer job specifically. Respect could not cover that.


Hi All,
Does anybody know how much time Fidessa take to give the final verdict (positive or negative) after the face to face interview?

Thank you.


can u please share your experience of face to face interview and any online test u gave.





Hello gnr01,
I have my first interview in Fidessa, Woking for Hosted Support role (requires C++ knowledge), please give me some idea what to expect.


can u send me info about fidessa interview as well pleaseeeeee…
I have f2f interview schedule next week.


follow this link n read comments by thelastace