Fidelity Investment Management


Anyone heard back from Fidelity yet?


Got an invitation for a numerical test today.


Internship or Graduate placement?


Thanks, when did you apply for the role?

I applied mid October, not heard anything so far.

Status says under review, also tried emailing them to update CV but they wouldnt accept my CV update.

Woksz I applied to Grad FT (but I assume you were asking jimm), had an email today saying we would hear from them shortly.


I applied for graduate equity research. Just finished it and they said they would get back to me shortly


SHL Test? Or the Kenexa ones? Good luck


Standard SHL numerical test. Thanks you too.


Anyone heard back after the tests?


My friend at Imperial was invited to a telephone interview last week.

I completed my test about 2 weeks ago and emailed them today and received (quite promptly): “We are currently undertaking a further screen of those candidates who passed their ONT, as we only have a limited number of places for telephone interview. We should have this done over the next couple of days.”


Telephone interview invite :slight_smile:


Is this for grad scheme or internship? I’ve not had an invite for the test yet, but got an email asking for my feedback on application process…


grad. i assume they’re doing internship apps later



Anyone have any info on the interview? I guess standard competencies and motivations?


All standard competency and motivation questions.

I didn’t get an e-mail invitation so be sure to check your status periodically.


Anyone heard back after the telephone interviews? Was told we’d hear by today…


Yip, invited to the AC. It’s on Moday so you’d probably want to get in touch with them tomorrow.


When did you get invited?


I emailed them, still no news. Can’t be good news. Anyone got a number to call?