Fidelity First Round Interview


Hey guys,

I have an interview with Fidelity for Operations Management Graduate Programme. Does anyone have any experience at the first round stage or any stages with Fidelity? this is my first interview with an investment manager, so not sure what to expect.

Many thanks


Hi ZB,

When did you apply and when did you receive your invite for the first round??? I applied in early December for the IT programme but haven’t heard back, sorry for not being able to help. Anyway good luck.


Hi Baba,

I applied just before new years day, so around December 30th, and heard the week after. I am sure this doesn’t reflect your application as I applied for a completley different programme. Thing is, I didnt see an IT programme as one of the options for the graduate schemes but maybe it was there before. I am sure you will hear back soon, if not, try and give them an email or phonecall - no harm in trying.


Yeah you’re right, I think I’ll contact them to find out if I’m still in the process. In fact I applied for the Investment Management Operations programme. But, I think after joining people will chose their special area, so you can either go in Operations or IT, that’s why I said I applied for IT.


hi ZB, i’ve got my operations management 1st round interview tomorrow… and like u, i don’t really know what to expect… think being prepared for possible questions might help, try this site


Cheers for that mate, good luck 2mo - let me know if you can provide any hints or tips and I will be sure to do the same if I progress throughout!


I just went to the first round interview on Monday, I think it went ok, of course it is down to them to decide whether I am good enough.

Firstly, they are mostly about basic competency stuffs: Why you study your degree? Team work experience? Communication experience? Another communication experience with senior people? Extra curricular activities? These questions are asked by the HR lady.

Then it is the business representative’s turn: Why apply for Fidelity? Do you apply jobs to different Finance sectors or more specific targets? (I didn’t really get what he wants from it) What do you know about the job? Why you think you are suitable in it? What do you think is the most important skill to do well in the job? From your previous job experience, what is your favourite and what do you dislike most? What did you learn from it? Any current news in the Financial market that interests you?

Yup I think that is about it, these 2 people interviewing me are quite friendly. Hope it helps.


Did you have your 1st round over phone?
I’ve got one for sales and marketing, ft role…not sure what to expect…
your post is quite insightful, thanks