Fidelity Assesment Centre


Hey Anyone has a Fidelity assesment centre??

I have one in mid feb?

I am applying for business management scheme?
Anyone know were I can get some more info about the business management scheme and the A/C



Hey mm12,

I have an AC with Fidelity grad operations in mid February as well - looking for some more information just like you! good luck! Have you received a presentation topic?


Hey. No I have not received the questions for the presentation, I guess you have.
How are you researching about Fidelity? I mean I’ve had a look on there website, it’s quite technical, there are lot of technical terms. I am just interested in the rotation aspect off the business management scheme… Does anyone know if i need to any thing technical??


look on their website - you can download a vault guide about investment management - it’s quite useful


Hey I have an assessment center with Fidelity as well. Although they are being really slow with sending me my presentation details. If anyone has had there A/C how many interviews do you have???

Can anyone help me find information on the threats to the Assessment Management industry? And who are fidelity’s competitors?

I know Fidelity is a pure investment management firm… but any info on them will be helpful. I feel there website tells me more about there products.



Hi, I have an operations assessment centre coming up soon. Can anyone give me some information on what to expect.


Hi, has anyone been invited to the assessment centre? Or has anyone been rejected after the phone interview?


Hi there,

I just came across your post for Fidelity and was wondering what stream you applied for?

I’m applying for the ISG and was wondering if you could give me any tips for the telephone interview which I have tomorrow? Did they ask you anything technical or about current issues?

Thank you and good luck for your app.



I also have a tele for the isg tomorrow, any help would be appreciated!

Good luck everyone!


Has anyone been rejected yet from Fidelity? My application has been ‘received’ for some time now so i’m wondering if its in the bin they’ve just not told me.


Hi everyone,
Would anyone be able to give more info on the telephone interview or assessment centre? Have a business management phone interview next week.
Many thanks!


Hi tabby555, I have a phone interview next week for sales and marketing. Might be similar questions to your business one, what kind of thing did they ask you?


hey, i’m afraid i never actually did the phone interview for fidelity as i got an offer somewhere else and withdrew my application. good luck though



I have a telephone interview coming up and was wondering if you could provide me with an insight into how yours went/ questions/ topics etc.

Much appreciated. Thanks!



Just wondering if you could help me in telling me what your telephone interview entailed.

Many thanks :slight_smile: