Few UCAS points vs Master's degree


So I get it that big companies want to make sure you won’t waste their money by failing your ACA tests and other stuff… which is why I suppose they want to make sure that you have a history of solid academic excellence --> UCAS points and 2:1 requirement.

I was young and stupid and I didn’t do well on my high school exams (A-Level equivalent) - A, B, B, C, D which is actually considered very good in my country but when converted to UK UCAS points they only gave me 260 points - which is way lower than any requirements for any decent grad scheme in the UK.

Since then I’ve grown up and taken my future more seriously so now I have a BA - 2:1 with Honors and an MA - also 2:1 (Merit) from top 30 UK unis + 2 years of experience at multinational companies (including a 7month consulting internship at a European KPMG).

However, I feel like my high school results and the unfortunate conversion system is against me in every way given the companies’ UCAS points requirement. My high school results were accepted just fine at UK Unis but now all of a sudden they’re not good enough for me to get a job.

I thought that a master’s degree would account for something, and even though I don’t have the UCAS points my history actually proves that I’ve been consistently successful academically since then. Like…if you have a BA then they need the A Levels grades to see the consistency, but why isn’t BA & MA enough?

Should I give up my hope of ever securing a decent grad scheme? Am I just wasting my time on applications that are never going anywhere?

I want to work in finance or consulting (I have an A in Maths & English at GCSE level) - I’m not even aiming at big companies just mid-tier but even those have higher UCAS points requirements.

I’m really really desperate because being at this point of my life (2 degrees and 2 yrs of work you can imagine how old I am) I want to work on a career, have a job that I enjoy instead of just working for the money like I see plenty of my friends are. I could go and get jobs in other fields but this is what I’m passionate about.

Can anyone give me an insight or advice? :frowning:


I know they ask if there were extenuating circumstances but I wasn’t sick and didn’t have a family funeral or anything certified apart from my own youth and lack of sensibility to blame. So I don’t think it would help… :frowning: