Feedback from Morgan Stanley Telephone Interview

Morgan Stanley

I did a telephone interview with Morgan Stanley 11 days ago for the Sales and Trading graduate program.

I am yet to hear anything back from them, is this normal? I peer of mine (who had the same interview) got an email saying that he did not progress earlier this week. I have yet to be contacted. Is this a good or bad sign?

Us anybody in the same boat as me? or has anybody else heard anything yet?

Any comments would be appreciated.


Well I did my tests for the same programme about three weeks ago but havent heard anything. But I think you should just ring or drop them an email, and the time frame doesnt mean anything, like the saying goes: no news is good news. Best of Luck


Hi All,
I have applied for Morgan Stanley (Operations) and had my telephone interview 2 weeks ago.
I havent got any reply yet so I have called them. They have replied that as this is the busiest time for Morgan Stanley they are doing all the interviews first and then they will let me know the result. Also, they explained me that they do the interviews in batches. I mean they will wait for clear one batch to next stage then process the one which is behind.

Hope this helps…



Thanks vm.

I called them last Tuesday wondering when I can expect a decision. I was told that they were very busy and that I should know by the end of the week.

I still haven’t heard anything from them. Its been 3 weeks now since my telephone interview. As said above “no news, is good news” but I would really like to know where I stand.

If anybody hears anything can you post here pls. I will do the same.



Hi there - I had my telephone interview in mid-november and got a call from a HR 5 mins after my interview, asking me to book a time for an assessment centre. If telephone interviews are really carried out in batches I guess mine was probably the last one in the row. Good luck and hope they’ll contact you soon with good news.


Hi Everyone
At last got reply from Morgan Stanley after so many weeks of my telephone interview…
as they explained they have filled the roles (operations) for this year I will be moved to feb 2011.

I have assessment centre next week on 14th dec. Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Hello, I have a telephone interview coming up for operations internship in MS, wonder what kind of questions did they ask?

Thank you very much!