FDM Telephone Interview - Technical Pathway


I thought I’d share my telephone interview experience with FDM on here, as the some of the previous posts helped me with interview. I made the application online yesterday, I literally just attached my C.V. clicked submit, and within 2 hours had a call confirming my details and scheduling a telephone interview. I had an interview the today (next day after submitting application) all in all a very easy interview, the questions were :

What do you know about FDM ?
What do you know about the training program ?
Why the FDM training program ?
Why the I.T sector ?
Tell me a time where you’ve used your business accumen ?
What challenges would you like from your new role ?
Why did you choose your degree ?
Do you think you made the right decision regarding your degree ?

Even if you do some research on the clients and the services they provide, and just some competency examples from any previous work, it should be all good. However they do look for alot of interest in the I.T. sector which I seemed lacking in. I was told I will get an email informing me of the outcome of the interview, if succesful I would be booked in for an assesment centre next week.


Thanks for this, really useful for anyone interested in this sector.Hope you got the outcome you wanted.


Following in the interview, I had been called for an Assesment day. It was by far one of the easiest assesment days in my opinion:

It started off at 9am, with two people from the senior recruitment team giving a general presentation of FDM as a company, their achievements and how the training program works etc…

Then we were given a simple maths test to do - this lasted 30 minutes. All you need to know is simple arithmetic, percentage change / increase / decrease, fractions, solving simple equations, pythagoras theorem and simultaneous equations. Anyone with a numerical background would find extremely easy.

Then conducted our interviews. They were 3 interviews :
Each interview consisted of 4 questions, in different areas, the interviewer simply asked the question and did not prompt to expand on your answers so it was up to us to elaborate, also the interviews havent seen your CV !

  1. General competency based / Random questions. The questions were
    *If you were given 2 hours off work, what would you do ?
    *If you had to balance your time between work and social life, how would you go about doing so ?
    *How would you adapt yourself to suit the needs of others ?
    *Would you compromise on quality, if you had to give finish an assignment on time ?

  2. Interview was based on my degree.
    *Why did you choose your degree subject ?
    *What were your favourite modules / least favourite modules ?
    *Were you satisfied with the result ?
    *Would you do the same degree again ?

  3. The last interview was about the I.T. industry and FDM

*Why FDM ?
*What are the current challenges and trends faced in the I.T. industry ?
*How would you go about resolving the challenges you mentioned in the previous question ?
*Why did you choose the pathway ?

After the interviews, we had an I.T. aptitude test. I found this hard, as I literally know nothing about I.T. , but half it was just aptitude and logic, which is quite straightforward. I.T. questions were based on programming, logic, HTML, SQL, HTTP, operating systems, programming languages etc.

Then we had a lunch break for 40 minutes. After lunch we had the last assesment which was based on Set Theory / Shading venn diagrams. Again if you have done A-Level Maths (Statistics) or just a maths degree, this would be again very very easy.

After that, we were asked to sign some HR forms, and ask any questions we had in mind. All in all, a very easy process as long as you don’t act like an idiot I reckon you should make the cut.


Wow @mathematicsthesolver you are the best no kidding- so much useful and relevant information!!! You are a hero for all recent grads going for this scheme. I used your tips to prep for my telephone interview last week and got invited to an Assessment Day!! Thank you!! Currently prepping for that and I am using your pearls of wisdom again. Will let you know if I get through and get an offer


Do you really want it??? Some people have bad experience with them.