FDM offers graduates a taste of the IT industry

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FDM Group

Are you unsure about branching into the IT industry?

Well the UK’s largest IT graduate employer FDM Group is offering graduates the chance to benefit from FREE taster sessions which will give them an insight into the industry!

They are taking place in Manchester and London from 8th June to 6th July! More info at: http://www.fdmacademy.com/fdm-group-offers-graduates-a-taste-of-the-it-industry/

They are also recruiting 1,000 graduates this year so take a look at what they have to offer at by viewing their latest video: http://www.fdmacademy.com/it-careers/



Just an update on my experience with FDM.

Terrible company - I had an interview with them in September, which was the easiest thing in the world, I think everyone got through.

Then I had to wait until January to start… i thought ok.

Then I got told I had to wait until the end of March and thats when I thought I can’t be bothered with this company. Just to add, when I was successful I didnt get any phone call just an email saying I was successful. The not an update for 2 weeks until I constantly called them for an update. Which was that I had to wait 4 months to start with them.

All in all my wait for 7 months for a start date - I must add I got a job in a global company, with better pay and much better customer service skills. FDM IS NOT WORTH DOING.

All in all, if you got no prospects of a job, no commitments to anything even money and family then go for FDM.

Happy for FDM to challenge what I have said.