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Many thanks for your query and your interest in the FDM Training Programme.

The FDM model does indeed include an unpaid training period followed by a paid employment period. We cannot make exceptions as we want to ensure that we are consistent with the FDM business model. Because of this, we understand that it is sometimes not suitable for individuals to join FDM until they are able to support themselves financially during the training period.

We do pay for the training courses for each of our trainees, and this is to help our graduates gain industry accredited qualifications and begin their career in IT.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any other queries that you may have




Q1 - If your successful through the training and don’t receive a job, does the candidate needs to pay for the training…
Q2 if so how long after training does this become apparent?
Q3 and is that time included in the 2 yr contract?

Q4 Also, I’ve got it in my head that if you were to get a job in HSBC (or such company ) with yourselves it would be at canary wharf (i think this came about because of all the images on your documentation.)?

Please reply asap and answer all questions. Thank you in advance!



Most of this sounds correct but I have asked the HR team to respond to these questions because the contract does change and so this may not be the correct answer currently.

In regards to question 4, yes you can be placed anywhere in the UK. Statistically, you are more likely to be placed in London as the majority of our clients are there but this cannot be guaranteed, so we don’t guarantee it and ask you to be flexible. The reason for this is it is a major benefit to our clients that our Consultants are geographically flexible and helps to therefore gain more business, resulting in more placements/opportuntities.

The reason we use images of London in our marketing material as we use images of the cities where our offices are based worldwide because the cities are recognisable and indicate we are based in those locations.

The following answer is inaccurate:

“When you are training you are on a training course that you have to pay £20,000 for, unless FDM waive their right to claim.”

For the whole 2 year period and training time you would be eligible to pay FDM up to £20,000 if you choose to leave the company in this time and therefore break the contract.

Apologies for ‘Ifs’ ‘Buts’ and ‘Howevers’ but these are actually important in answering questions in proper detail

Please wait for the HR clarification on question 1-3

Thank You


Yes that’s fine. I was clarifying that training fees can be followed up if you do not complete the programme, dependent on circumstance. I was also concerned that your reply only mentioned the duration of the training period and wanted to clarify that this clause applies to the whole programme. I am trying to be as clear as possible but it is difficult so please do ask if I say anything which is unclear

Thank you


OK so although i appreciate the response, clearer answers and a more direct response from FDM would have been appreciated.

Q - during/after the training, are candidates sent on interviews with companies to get a job or do FDM assign roles?

It would be appreciated and probably beneficial for yourself as well as others if you could describe the full process. I understand you have a business model, but anyone who deals with models knows its a template to what actually happens.

During my assessment there is a ‘note taking’ exercise, although it seems rather obvious to what that is, could you elaborate, and also explain the reason for it.


Hello Jobhunt,

The HR department response to your questions 1 & 2 was as follows:

“If you completed the training and were not placed (through no fault of your own) after 90 days, you would be entirely permitted to leave FDM with no fees attached. Your 2 year commitment begins when you become an employee, which is from your first day on client site.”

99% of the time the client will want to interview you before offering you the placement and they may interview other FDM trainees as well. We do provide full interview training and are able to tell you a lot about what to expect from each client. Although we don’t usually assign you roles without an interview required, we do math your skills/personality and preferred working environment to the client as well as possible so that both the consultant and the client get the most out of the placement.

The note taking exercise involves watching a video where you will be required to take notes. This then becomes the written test where you are required to write up you notes into a business case. This excursive assesses your attention to detail, ability to understand the customer/client’s needs and your written english. So it is looking at your business skills.

I am unable to explain the full process, please refer to http://www.fdmgroup.com/uk-careers-graduate_programmes

I would also recommend the FDM Facebook page where our Consultants and Trainees may be willing to share their experience will you. http://www.facebook.com/FDMGroupLtd?ref=ts

If you attend assessment the programme is explained step-by-step in detail

Thank You


Thank you for the response FDM. That has made things alot clearer for me. I do have 1 small question which may sound odd. Although I would be flexible to move around the UK I have preference to stay in certain areas, would that be taken into consideration?

Thanks again for the response.



It would be taken into consideration, although it could not be guaranteed. Occasionally we have driven streams where the training has been slightly amended to meet a particular client’s needs for a specific role, so you would know where you are going to be placed. However, I don’t think we have any requirements like that at the moment. Ca I ask which stream you are looking at?


Certainly I’m looking into the PMO stream.

Whilst we’re discussing this, do you require project management experience when going for this role, or do you rely on I.T skills?




Most people who come onto the programme are very recent graduates so do not usually have any experience. For PMO you don’t have to be highly technical but you have to have an understanding, appreciation and interest in IT project processes and what is involved at each stage.

Any experience where you have lead a team or organised something is good. They key things we look for in PMO is business skills, good communication, confidence and presentation skills, an appreciation of the technical side and a very high drive to succeed.

Some successful PMO’s are more technical and some are less but it is the combination we look for. Basically you have to understand what is going on in the stages of the development lifecycle, but you don’t actually have to be able to do it yourself.

I hope that helps


Yes that makes sense, and it was helpful. Could you name a handful of companies that recruit for PMO positions?

How long after the assessment are you notified of the result?

Thanks again for your fast responses.



We are opening up new business across all sectors we work within for PMO Consultants, but the most popular by far is still the finance sector. Please see examples of some of the clients we work with here: http://www.fdmgroup.com/uk-about_us-our_clients


Thanks for that.

How long after the assesment do you know if you’ve got through?




You will find out the following day

Thank You


There is also a technical test for PMO assessment, what would that be?

Thanks again.


I’ve been contacted by a member of your company, and I must say that after finishing the phone interview, it sounds too good to be true. If I can pass the initial interviews, I’ll gladly give up two years of my life, and a ton of expenses travelling in order to get my career started in the field I’m interested in.

But there are some problems. Namely the numerous people complaining of deleted posts, and the horrific contract clauses.

These contract details were posted a long time ago 2010/11.

1 “FDM can expel you from the course at any point and for any reason and pursue you for the cost of the training”

2 “Following two years employment at FDM, FDM may, at their discression waive, the £20k training fee”

So my question is this; have these clauses been changed to something more professionally and ethically acceptable by now?

For example, maybe

1 “FDM can expel you from the course and pursue you for the current cost of the training should you give them a substantial reason to do so”

2 “FDM will always waive your training fee after two years of full service”

And if so, can you post the updated contract details, or a link to these contract details for me to view.


Because I need to know that I’m protected, and that I won’t just be booted from your system (with a huge debt) because you feel I’m not achieving what you expected me to achieve, or that you can’t find work for me so you decide to “let me go” (again with the huge debt) after months of me being unable to find work.

If you have absolute faith in your selection and training system, then you should have no problem agreeing to the bottom two clauses.

Substantial reason to do so would obviously cover quitting the course half way through, among other common sense serious situations, such as theft, or cross-company spying, acting against company policy, or whatever else. You can include the specifics later in the contract too if need be.

I’m just intrigued. I love the potential best case scenario that this company has to offer, but feel that I need to stay wary of it’s potential worst case scenario too.


Hello Mark,

I am fairly certain the contract has undergone changes since then, however I do not work in our legal team and so am not able to inform you accurately about the T&Cs of the contract. I have also never seen any reputable company post their employment contract online and I think it is highly unlikely that we would do that either as it is not professional practice.

However, if you attend one of our assessment sessions there is a full contract talk and you will see it then. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about it then. Obviously we don’t make you sign on the day, we give you as much time as you need.

Our employment contract is very heavily based on other graduate programme employment contracts. There is usually a two-year tie-in and where training is provided, an option for the company to recoup these costs if an employee leaves prior to the two year commitment. However, we do understand that it is still a big commitment and on paper can look quite scary so we will go through everything with you, answer any questions you have and you can then go away, have a think and get a second opinion if you wish.

If you come to assessment I wish you all the best of luck!

Thank You



2 “Following two years employment at FDM, FDM may, at their discression waive, the £20k training fee”

This has not been changed.

Also a little advice:

Whatever questions you ask, if you are happy with the response, make sure you have this response in writing. From experience, I know that you will be told once thing when you start and the total opposite once you are half way through you training. It will be your word against theirs, so if you receive satisfactory replies to your questions, make sure these are answered through email rather than on the day.

Also if you visit one of the “assessment centres”, maybe you can ask for a copy of the contract you would be signing.

Another tip: Bear in mind, the training contract you sign and the employment contact you sign after the training period are 2 different things so i would watch out for that too! You may want to take a look at the employment contract too. You may also wish to keep a copy of these contracts to ensure when you come to sign one, it is the same.


“OK so although i appreciate the response, clearer answers and a more direct response from FDM would have been appreciated.” — This is never the case, even when they answer questions about the contract they are vague and find ways to actually avoid the question.

“Q - during/after the training, are candidates sent on interviews with companies to get a job or do FDM assign roles?” — Candidates are pressured into taking any roles which are presented to them as all roles are deemed “suitable”. So i guess you can say they are “assigned roles”


Ok, this thread has put me off applying for FDM. It seems there is no freedom and we are at the whim of a slave master. Everything is too uncertain, no freedom to work where you want, live where you want, uncertainty about getting a placement after training; as for me i dont want to live according to the dictates of another.

No dis-respect