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No, you have to be flexible to work across the UK, but not abroad, unless you wished to. We have some bespoke programmes for specific clients abroad like at the moment we are looking specifically for developers to go through the programme and work their two years for our finance client in Paris, but that is for those who have opted for it. We do not require the willingness to work abroad.

Of the 1000 people we are aiming to recruit, about 300 will be recruited in Germany and New York and so will train and work there. Most people in the UK will work in the UK, unless they wish to work abroad, for which we cannot always manage to do, but will try to. We also recruit people specifically to work in Hong Kong and Singapore but they must speak Cantonese or Mandarin. To sum up, I cannot give you an exact number but i think we will most probably place about 500 Consultants this year in the UK

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Hello graduate 011, please find the answers to your queries about the clauses below;

Clause 4.2
This clause only restricts you from working for the same team or possibly department that we introduced to you either through a placement, project, or through the application process within the 12 month period following your FDM employment or training. This is because it would interfere with the business relationship between FDM and the client. Many FDM employees do transition to permanent employment with the client they were working with at the time as this is part of the attraction for both our consultants and clients.

Clause 5.9-5.10
You are indeed correct in saying that if you have been successful at the Assessment stage, it is because we sincerely believe that you have the skills or the potential to complete the modules. It would not be of benefit to either FDM or the trainee to put time and effort into a training programme which was not suitable for the individual.

This clause refers to the fact that the termination of the course or a module may lead to pursuing of the costs if this was, for example, through conduct problems or non-performance of the individual. All trainees are given fair chances to improve, and we have structures in place to ensure that there is additional support if required. If there were unforeseen personal circumstances, we would look at that on an individual basis and may release that trainee from their training commitment/fees.

We would not pursue costs without cause; FDM strive to continue to be fair and a reputable company are are under an obligation of reasonableness.

I hope that these answers have been helpful for you. Please feel free to let us know of any other questions you have regarding the contents of the FDM contract.



In response to the above, yes you would be able to work for whoever or wherever you want after the 12 months.

pc advisor - Your contract/employment would be terminated for the usual reasons you would be from any employer - being repeatedly absent, late, gross misconduct, etc. In most circumstances warnings would be given and support would be given to you to improve. The last thing FDM would want to do is terminate your employment, this would not be beneficial to either party.

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Well here is my experience with FDM. I thought FDM can make a difference to me although I have been advised by friends not to apply because of my expereince and qualifications. However I thought FDM can benefit from my experience and skills. During the Interview I have been asked about my age just to be told that I am to old and that I am not fitting into their profile !!! That is illegal to discriminate Age, race etc. maybe FDM is not aware of that ? By the way I graduated exceptional first class awards etc. I wonder what the answer would be from the friendly FDM aroundhere in the forum??? I still dont know why I even applied to them to be honest.


Dear Student67,

Although FDM targets the graduate recruitment market which means we have a high proportion of younger applicants, our Consultants who join our programme come from a variety of backgrounds including people who want a change in career, mature students who have recently graduated and those who don’t have a degree but have relevant experience. We heavily promote equal opportunities at FDM and all our staff are trained on understanding behaviour that could be interpreted as discriminatory. At FDM, we are very proud of our varied workforce who reflect the diversity of our wider community. We take accusations like this very seriously so if you wish to make a complaint about your recent experience at FDM, please email humanresources@fdmgroup.com

FDM Group


I had a look at FDM a while back.

I might be wrong, but it looked like they were selling a £20,000 training course which I had to pay for by working for FDM’s customers who had a short term need for staff anywhere in Britain.

I felt that this course, which wasn’t described in much detail, was being sold under the banner of an I.T. Consultancy job.

Much was made of the fact that after 2 years of this temporary work in various organisations I would have a glowing C.V. - which I wasn’t totally convinced about.

The situation as I see it, is that once I sign their contract I have no choice but to stay locked into doing this work for the duration of the contract even though I might be doing work that is of no C.V. benefit to me.

The FDM salary offer is not enough incentive for me, anyway, to perhaps waste a lot of time going down a road I don’t want to be on.

This is only my opinion though.


Only go for it if you have little hope of getting anything else


I am rather concerned about the comments about the £20,000. If for whatever reason you do not finish the two years, FDM seems to make a point of recovering the cost of the training. The comments here seem to suggest that they would try to recover the full cost of the training, not the remaining cost.

for example, if someone was to leave after 12 months would they liable for the full cost or half?

Two years is a long time for a 24 year old to see in to the future and a lot can happen in the meantime.


That’s a good question Hobbly.

As an employment contract this seems too confusing with too many ifs and buts for me.



I have a slightly different question, but first I need to explain something. I went to the assessment day last year around April/May time for a testing role. I impressed was told to stay behind to talk to head of development and got offered the development role instead which I accepted. To then find out few days later my financial situation changed quite a bit and could no longer afford the travel & expense no wage for three months.

I am keen to come back now everything has been sorted out, as I wanted to to join FDM in the first place. My question soon I be able to support myself for the while on the three month training, what should I do? Ring you guys and explain the situation and not have to go through the process again? Or will I have to reapply?



Hi Mike,

I think it is best if you call to talk to a recruiter. Although you have passed assessment before, you will probably have to go through it again, but calling to let us know your situation might make the process simpler/quicker for you this time around

Thank you and good luck!


Hi Fdm,

Nice to see that you are still answering questions posted here. Can you clarify that if you do not complete the full two year contract, whether you would owe a proportion of the the debt or all of it?




The training is broken down into modules so it depends which you did. The total cost of the training with all modules and qualifications complete is £20,000, but if you were to be charged it would be for what you completed. The cost of our training modules and qualifications are assessed externally by another company.

In regards to whether we would pursue the costs it would depend on the situation. If a candidates chooses not to fulfil their obligation and commit to the two years employment then we most probably would. However, there have been situations where family problems or unforeseen circumstances have arisen where the candidates competition of the two years is unavoidable and we may not pursue costs in situations like these.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a clause in the contract whereby if you are not placed with one of our clients within a fixed amount of time the contract is redundant and you will not owe us any money.

For those who enter into the FDM programme though, although the training is valuable, it is the two years’ experience which can really fast-track their careers and what they are here for. Therefore, what happens if someone breaks the contract is not as much of an issue as it may seem. It is there to protect the company and avoid a situation where someone can come and just undertake the training at a financial cost to FDM, and then disappear.


FDM in its nature is not any different to any other recruitment agency and as a result of that they CANNOT guarantee you a job. The only thing that makes them so popular is probably the training.



What makes FDM different from a recruitment company, apart from the training, is that we employee you. So those who come into our graduate programme are FDM employees, working as consultants on our client sites. However, they remain FDM employees which ensures much better job security. So you do get a job, with us, although you will work representing FDM on our client sites

I hope that makes it a bit clearer



Sorry PCAdvisor but you don’t seem to understand our business model, maybe you should take a look at www.fdmgroup.com?

We are not a ‘hiring company’ we are an IT Services/Solutions company. We work with our clients to find solutions to their IT problems and make improvements, our
consultants will then go on site to assist and/or fully manage these projects. Reed, Adecco, etc are great companies but very different from FDM as they don’t do this.

They offer temp positions and do not permanently employee these candidates or continue to pay them once a project has been completed and they are waiting on a new one, they do not offer 10-16 weeks full time in-house training and these candidates do not come to their staff events etc. Our graduate programme is full time, for a minimum of two years, includes a period of training and all those on the programme are employees who come to company events, get offered the pension scheme and other employee benefits.

Just because our graduate scheme involves working on client sites does not mean they are not an employee of FDM, the same as anyone working in any of the other departments we have.

It is confusing I know : )


To confirm - people do not pay for the training. They only pay back the money if they take the training then leave in their first two years which breaks the contract. However, for a graduate with limited commercial experience it makes no sense to do this anyway.

With all due respect pcadvisor, I do not know when or for how long you worked for FDM, but I have worked here for over 4 years, working with all departments across the business and I understand our business model and operations extremely well. No PR blurb, just here to answer peoples questions and explain what we do.

Thank you



Maybe you can help answer my question, as FDM have not answered it.

From your time at FDM do you know if anyone leaving mid contract has to pay the full cost of training, or do they chase on a pro-rata basis?

Or if anyone else who reads this has worked at FDM before.




I believe that it will be the full amount of the training costs and not pro-rata unless they can’t find you a placement within 90 days after the completion of your training, then you’ll be allowed to leave without paying anything…am I right, FDM?


Yes that is correct.