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Hi FDM - with the economy how it is, what would happen if you couldn’t find me 2 years of placements?


Hi Dan,

FDM has thrived in this economy as we offer the client a more cost effective solution and alternative to the freelancer/contractor route. Therefore the problems with the economy over the past couple of years has not really halted our growth at all. 
However, realistically if we cannot place you through no fault of your own, then we let you out of the contract with no training costs owed.
JobSeeker: In theory yes you are contractually obliged to take the position as long as it is in the UK and in your field. However, in your first couple of years of real IT positions, what would be the wrong move? We find positions which put your training into practice and by the end of your two years you will probably have more relevant experience on your CV that most grads in their second year of employment. Why not join our facebook group and speak with some of our IT Consultants on there about where they have worked/are working now? This will give you a good idea of what you can expect. As said before, we wouldn't put you into a position not related to your training as the client would not be best pleased to have you onsite if you have not been given the proper skills to do the job.
Hope this helps
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Hello FDM,

i am not a recent graduate, but done Bachelor degree and also PG diploma degree.
presently working as a store manager and want to shift my carrier in to IT and learn testing tools. so just wanted to know do i qualify for your training scheme. i am on Settlement Visa.

could you please reply me back




It doesn't matter if you are not e recent graduate but it is hard to determine whether or not you would qualify for the programme based on the above.
You would have to be able to prove your IT ability in your CV, and we are also looking for the 'whole package' so a well written and presented CV should not be underestimated.
The best thing to do is apply at www.fdmacademy.com
P.S: Please specify the length of your settlement visa when you apply
Thank You - hope this helps


Graduates Please be aware of FDM. The company is a complete scam. I posted something on here but someone or something has removed my post. They try and trap you. My experience was dreadful and unprofessional.


Hi Techno,

WikiJob has an open policy on discussions on the forum and welcome opinions.

Misleading statements are however not accepted.

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@Wikijobs - Techno’s post isnt that misleading though is it, A quick scan of any other student or graduate forum and you will find many people with similar views. I dont beleive FDM to be a total scam, but I do find their marketing very misleading and there are serious concerns from many people that the training is sub-standard (including those that have done the training ) and there are also many people that say that most of the opportunities are not in tier 1 investment banks or high profile organisations as they make out.

Yes there may be a place for them but a vast amount of people that have applied to/spoken with or attended an assesment with FDM have had concerns about them. Isnt this forum a place to discuss potential employers and the potential positives or negatives that might arise from working there?


Hi CompSciGrad,

It is up to WIkiJobs if they feel a post should be removed. It is actually illegal to accuse a company of something which is not true so i’m afraid i support their decision and would do the same if a comment like that was on a blog of mine - this is becoming a nation that likes to sue people : )

However, of course you are right and opinions, even negative ones, are what forums are for and yes, there are concerns from various people that the programme may not be right for them. This is true for some people. I am not here to sell the programme to you, just to let you know the facts and answer questions.

70% of our client base is Investment Banks and they tend to take the largest volume of Consultants from us. However, I have asked HR to send me through a list of the placements over the last couple of months and I am happy to post it on here to give you a really good idea of where people end up working. Obviously though I will have to delete their names.

It concerns me that you find FDM’s marketing misleading and i really want to address this. You must be very busy, but if you do have time it would be really helpful if you could send an email with a few bullet points of marketing claims you find misleading so we can check these with the wider business and make sure all information coming from the recruitment team and in the marketing material is accurate. If you do have a few minutes to do this the email is marketing@fdmgroup.com and i will make sure this is addressed and we check all this.

Thanks and I’ll be back soon with that list.


FDM Group well what can I say? I have been to their assessment center and was sent home after the interview and wasn’t allowed to complete the day. There where two interviewers, one was really nice and the other I could sense just didn’t like me. I wasn’t surprised with the decision but demanded for feedback on why I was sent home. No reason was given, so I left in shame. If you go for this assessment center and don’t make it, you will be treated like crap. And there is no reimbursement for travel expenses. As for the package it put me off, as soon as I heard the contract talk. I think from there it went downhill for me. I haven’t gone through their scheme but I will tell you that it doesn’t sound good at all. Since their assessment center, I have gotten two offers and one with the biggest managed services provider in the world. The package is excellent and all I can say is that I am happy FDM didn’t work out. The fact that you go for an assessment center and don’t get any feedback is ridiculous. My technical competence is at an advanced level, so I don’t need no HR person telling me they won’t proceed with me and not give me a valid reason. My advice to all of you, if you haven’t gotten an offer from a bluechip or top company…keep trying!!! There ia an offer there for everyone.



Just wanted to update you; after reading some of the posts on here and having got some feedback, we reviewed and changed our assessment day structure a little. We now have all candidates do all activities and stay all day. In addition we also have feedback forms at the end which have greatly improved since the changes. So thank you to those of you who pointed out that it felt unfair to dismiss people during the day, we changed this about 6 weeks ago so it no longer happens.

Unfortunately though we do have to have a ‘no feedback’ policy, which is very common. There are just too many applicants to get back to everyone individually, which we regret. However, we are quite specific about our initial criteria and we will also tell you which part of the assessment you failed on, which can really help you identify what you can do better next time

Thank You


How extensive a list of your current or prospective clients could you provide?



We work with quite a few different companies which you can find at http://www.fdmgroup.com/client-it-solutions/ These are all current clients where we either have our Consultants working out on site, or have had very recently.

However, to get a really good idea of where people are being placed now, please see the placement list for August http://www.fdmacademy.com/success-stories/success-news/

Thank You


That is an impressive list of clients and it is very encouraging to see people placed at them as recently as last month.

It would be helpful to know what percentage of placements were at these high-profile companies?



Those were all the August placements. To be honest all the companies we work with a fairly large as it wouldn’t make sense for a smaller company to use our service. Circa 70% of our clients are financial and the rest is made up of insurance, retail, media/broadcasting and technology/systems integrators.

The best thing is to keep checking the placement lists if you are unsure, as you will get a really good idea of where you might work if you were an FDM Consultant. Streams like ‘Application Support’ and ‘PMO’ are more likely to get you working in an investment bank, but not always as some are required within other sectors, particularly insurance so i would recommend that it is something important to take into consideration if you were thinking of applying.

Hope that helps, thank you



Yes, that is first placements only, and does not take into account on-site extensions. Also, we have just had a massive intake of new trainees in July (after graduation) so placements in August are often lower, because most are still training (remember training can take up to 3 months), so it is not the average amount per month - don’t panic.

It is also only the UK placements on that list, not the US or Mainland Europe ones.


I am assuming that is the full list of placements for August (minus EU and USA), correct?

Also, how do you allocate these placements? Is it based upon skill set and skill level, preference??

Thank you for your time



As far as i know that is the full list of consultant who had their FIRST placement in August.

We have client requirements coming in all the time for Developers, Application Support Analysts, Test Analysts, PMO Consultants and Infrastructure Support Analysts and so we look at the trainees on the particular training stream who are near to sign off.

Because we know most of our clients well, and we get to know the trainees too, we are able to select the people we think will best fit in onsite and suit the environment. Most trainees on one stream will have a very similar skill set and level as they are mostly recent grads who have then gone through the training.Therefore, personality comes into it a lot. If the role is very client facing, for instance an Application Support Consultant who will be based on the trade floor dealing with IT issues effecting the traders, for which we would be inclined to pick someone who is a very strong communicator and copes well under pressure. Although everyone on the programme must be geographically flexible, if we have a few people suitable for a role, we will put the ones forward who are most keen to work there.

Sometimes just one trainee goes to interview, sometime a few. Everyone has to be placed so it is just about trying to match the best person for the job with the company, because obviously we want the client to be happy with them, and we also need the Consultant to be happy working there so it is a positive and progressive experience for them.


Hi FDM - How many are you taking on in the U.K. this year and roughly how many of those will be in Manchester?


Hi, we are aiming to bring 1000 through the programme, and 200 of those will probably train in Manchester. However, the location is not overly important, if 500 people pass the assessment in Manchester then we will take them on (although a creative seating plan might be required).


Thanks. Of the 1000 people that go through the programme, how many do you expect to find work for in the UK? If I joined would I have to work abroad if you told me to do so?