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Good that there is someone from FDM group.

If this company is transparent, could you give the accurate number of how many people passed your interview and the number of those who did not sign for the contract? and why did you not do anything about the contract but keep letting people be “confused” or “misunderstand” the idea of the contract?

I am sure there must be a reason why FDM group feels that there is a need to reply on forums. I mean, FDM group has done a pretty good job, despite the huge amount of negative comments on the internet, when you search for “FDM scam” on google, you mostly see the sites about how FDM tackles scam problem (some with an unknown video showing comments on those sites).

And please explain why there are staff who try to push people to sign the contract, why would it happen if it is not your “usual practice”? Do they have a quota to pursue? Or did someone train them to do so?

Thanks in advance


Chris, I am not hear to argue, and feel the tone here is a little attacking, but maybe I am misinterpreting this?

So I will answer your questions as best I can: We do not feel the need to post on forums but since we are featured on this site I just wanted to let everyone on here know that we have a presence here and are happy to ask genuine questions. I feel I have already addressed the point about 'pressuring people to sign' above - I can assure you they are not trained to do so and the company does not support it.

My guess is that the recruiter thought the candidate was a good fit for FDM and that the opportunity would be good for them and so maybe got a bit over-enthusiastic and consequently made the candidate feel pressured. In my opinion graduates who are successful in our assessment are all smart people who would not be influenced by anyone putting pressure on them and so it is not in our interest to do so.

I am not qualified I am afraid to answer questions on the contract so I had better not do so as i don't want to risk giving you the wrong information I hope this helps anyway, thank you


@FDM group, there are definitely posts missing, you can even see some where people have quoted the original posts! the original posts are deleted but the quotes are not! I have been following this thread with a lot of interest as I know a lot of people that have been approached by FDM but had some questions. Maybe somebody from Wikijobs can answer where the missing posts have gone.

Unlike many I dont actually think what you offer is a scam, anyone with half a brain can read through your offering and work out that is isnt all as bright a picture as you would like to paint. You say that you offer training to the value of 20k. That is a massive amount of money. a 3 year degree wouldnt cost that much, how on earth can you justify this figure… particularly when the people you employ are graduates who are able and do get offered jobs paying in excess of £30k without your training? what do you actually teach in those 3 months that is worth 20k?

Also why do you not offer an pay increases for the first two years? I do not know of one job in any industry where you salary doenst increase for two years? this basically means that If I work for FDM group I earn less and potentiall owe you £20k for my training? where if I go straight onto an IT scheme I can expect to earn anywhere between 25-40k dependent on industry and in 2 years should easily be approaching 40k? something just doesnt quite add up?



Well if that is what you are able to earn maybe the programme isn't right for you. It is designed as a two year fast track so you enter the industry at a higher level through us than you would through most graduate schemes and you can be expected to be at a higher level than most when you have completed the two years.
In regards to the missing posts i have asked WikiJobs about this and they have confirmed that they removed a couple of posts due to misinformation in them.
We value the training at £20k as that is the estimated cost to the business, but it is an investment in the candidate not a fee. You commit for two years and you don't pay any of it.
Lastly, there is a salary increase in the second year, I don't know where you heard there wasn't but that is not true.
Hope that answers a couple of questions
Thank You


No, you did not misinterpret, my tone is a bit attacking. But I am not looking for an argument here. Here is what I want to say:

It is mainly with the same point as CompSciGrad mentioned. How do you justify the 20K cost for a 3 months training? As an IT graduate, I know it is common to have student loan already, now before we can earn something to reply the loan, we have to first sign on for a 20k contract? It just seems like the contract is protecting only the FDM group but no the graduates.

I do not think what you offer is a scam, because I do not think a business can survive just by scamming graduates, but the condition of the contract just does not seem right, and I think that is where all the negative comments on the net are from.

I think if you can provide a good answer, it does not only do go for your business (more graduate would appreciate your company), it also can get rid of the negative comments about your company on the net.

Best Regards,


Hi Chris,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, i wanted to check a couple of things first. Hope the following helps:
1. The cost of the training is 'up to 20k'. If a candidate leaves before they complete their two years they are only obliged to pay back for the parts of the course they undertook which as they are priced individually. If a candidate went through absolutely everything available (which is unlikely they would need to) then the charge would total £20k but that is the max.
2. The course prices (each part - foundation, intermediate etc for each specification) is independently assessed/costed by an external company so we do not put this cost onto the training ourselves.
3. There are clauses in the contract which protect the graduate, but maybe this is not being explained well enough.
4. there is absolutely no way that if a candidate works for us for two years that we can reclaim those costs - this was mentioned earlier and i just wanted to confirm that we cannot do that.
Lastly Chris, I want to let you know that we do take this feedback very seriously and will be looking into points raised. We are a reputable company and this is very important to us that we are perceived as such.
Thank You



I’ve had a look at FDM and I too was concerned about the cost of the training as well - I have a couple of questions

You mentioned that each part of the course is priced individually and that you only pay back for the courses that you took .

I see on the FDM Academy website that the Training commences with ‘core modules’ which are UNIX and SQL - which I think every student takes.

  1. Could you tell me how much these modules would cost each please?

Also I noticed that your Employment Contract says that …
“the Company may, in it’s sole and absolute discretion, terminate your employment at any time with immediate effect by paying a sum in lieu of notice”
equal to about £250 in the first year and a bit more in the second year.

This is a real negative for me, as I’m interested in the job at the end of the training, not the training itself.

I also notice that “You shall not be required to pay the training fees:” “In some circumstances where the company terminates your employment at the Companys sole discretion”

I’d be very unhappy if you terminated my employment at your discretion before the agreed 2 years was complete. I’d be even more unhappy if it wasn’t one of those circumstances and you charged me as well.

  1. Can you confirm that I have I understood this correctly ?

Thank you


Hi Seagulls,

Let me explain our business model. We invest training in our Consultants which is relevant to the industry and a more in depth than what you would have learned at university. However, if you can prove yourself up to professional level in some parts (UNIX, SQL etc) you may not be required to do these modules meaning you would get through your training faster. We then place you working with our clients.
Now, from the business point of view, this is what we do - we provide a service to our clients providing them with Consultants who are trained in the technologies they use as well as the business skills needed (for example if you do a finance related IT stream you will learn about the finance industry too). We sometimes place just one Consultant there, sometimes we put a whole team in place for a particular project and we are also able to put in framework agreements and get involved in the technical logistics and advice. For this service we, obviously, charge the client.
So you see, the 20k (up to this amount) training investment is not making the business money so by terminating your contract we may get our investment back but what we are losing is far more valuable. So you see our goal is to keep you happy and working with us for a minimum 2 years and preferably more, as many of our Consultants choose to do. Our Consultants are at the heart of our business model and so are very important to us.
However, this is also a great opportunity for a graduate. They will gain industry relevant technical training from people who are actually working in the industry and understand it. They are not being charged for any of this and then they are gaining fantastic experience with large companies going in at a higher level than most graduates- you are guaranteed not to be making everyone tea all the live long day : )
This is not me promoting FDM, this is my opinion. I do recognise it is not right for everyone and there are some terms and conditions which some may not be able to commit to. I hope now i have explained our business model this makes more sense to you. I am not willing to publish the breakdown of our training costs online. It is work out by an independent company and you may see it if you come in for assessment but i feel that we could be discussing each part for a great deal of time which would be unnecessary.
To go back to your point it is amazing actually how many universities do not teach UNIX in depth and that is why it our first module, because we believe if you can grasp UNIX, what follows will make more sense.
I hope i have helped, especially as i don't really have time to write another essay on this and i have probably gone on a bit too much and bored you all!
Thank You


@ FDM group, thanks for the clarification, although I still think you skirted rounded some of the greyer areas, I am happy with your points.

One question though, how can you say that your projects mean that you are going in at a higher level than you would do as a graduate? technical gradaute schemes in Banks are designed to find the future technical managers/directors. What is it about your opportunities that mean I will be better placed going onto your scheme than direct onto a gradaute scheme being offered by the banks themselves? Or indeed any of your other clients on other industries?


Hi CompSciGrad,

Good question! Yes the IB schemes are very good. I guess it depends on what you want to get out of it. What many graduate schemes do its move you around the business every couple of months doing different things. This is really valuable to someone who is not sure what they want to specialise in. Whereas what we do is if for example you want to be a Java Developer, we will train you in the industry used and latest technologies and methods you will need to know so you go onsite as a 'Java Developer' not as a graduate/intern/Junior/Trainee. So you work in the area you are interested in very quickly and so tend to progress very quickly too. Graduates going onto scheme designed to get them up to management level are really good, I won't dispute that at all. At FDM we also have these opportunities though, once you are out onsite you receive FDM's support but ultimately it is up to you - if you create a good impression you can be moved into management roles the same as anyone else.
Here are some testimonials/career stories that may interest you, they may give you an insight into what happens to our Consultants upon completion of the training:
Thank you



I was wondering what the salary is for the first year? If we are expected to train for free (a concept I understand) and are expected to be able to locate where needed (also understanable), I would like to make sure that salary is truly “competitive” and that it wouldn’t make more fiscal sense to look for a position elsewhere and pay for the training myself.

Thanks for your response.


My advice…stay away from FDM.


Hi Sarah,

The salary for the first year is 21k minimum (this is based on working a normal week). However you will also earn extra for extra hours you put it as you would with overtime. This is explained in more detail during the assessment. Please note, if we require you to move for placements support can often be given for relocation and this is judged on a case-by-case basis.

While the training is valuable, one of the main pulls for the programme is that candidates get their 'foot in the door' of some big companies (our clients) and gain two years working with FTSE 100 and blue-chips. It can build up a very impressive CV.

Thanks for your question


Why do you say that Flush?

And thanks for your reply FDM! I don’t know if you will know the answer but how often are candidates made to move from London? Also, are all of the companies blue chips and FTSE 100s, or is there a chance you could be placed with an unknown company out in the middle of nowhere?

Thanks again!


Hi Sarah,

Just having a look through our client list and seeing which aren't blue-chip, forgive me if some of these are (it is quite difficult to find out as there is quite a bit of criteria to be considered blue-chip). We work with other companies such as ASOS, Caplin Systems, Swiftcover, John Lewis, BUPA, etc who I don't believe (not 100% certain though) are blue chip or FTSE 100 companies and you could be placed at those companies or others we have. The majority of placements made are within finance, of which most of our clients are FTSE 100 companies, but it is not certain.

We don't really work with small or mid-sized companies because they do not have much need for our services on the scale we provide. We do have some driven programme sometime where we know when you will be placed and the training is slightly adapted to suit the client's technology etc. At the moment we are looking for developers for IB clients and the entry requirements for these roles tend to be a bit higher than usual (although still grad level).

Quite a few of our clients are in London so a lot of people are placed there but we also have clients in Hampshire, Manchester, Scotland, Reading, Sheffield and all over the UK. Also there are opportunities abroad, but only if you wish too work abroad.

Why not take a look at the clients candidates who finished training in April were placed with at http://www.fdmacademy.com/success-stories/success-news/



How much would I owe if I completed the Java or the . Net course with you?



Well you wouldn't owe anything if you do the full two year graduate programme and work with us for 2 years, which is the main incentive for you really because it gives you that industry experience you need to really start your career.

I cant say specifically because it would depend on which modules you completed but it would be up to £20,000. However, the idea is that you would never need to pay this back, it is our investment in you and is only retrieved if you do not complete the two year programme.

With our development stream though you may be interested to know that we offer an MSc Applied Computer Science course. You go through the normal course training and then do distance learning while you work. This requires a 3 year commitment and is fully funded by FDM in partnership with University of Brighton. It is the same model, you train in house and then work with our clients, but it is for 3 years and you will complete you dissertation and course work in addition to gain your MSc. 



I guess it would be the Java or the .Net modules

If, for whatever reason, maybe a change in the economy or too many graduates , you were not able to find me 2 years of placements, only say 6 months, how much would I owe?



Regarding the costs for Java or .Net it would depend on which modules you took. We may decide you don't need to do interview techniqur training for instance, or maybe you are already competent at some of the modules so you may not need to do one or two. Full cost is £20,000. In some cases you may get placed before all modules are completed (if both parties feel you are ready) and so may revisit them later.

There are clauses in the contract to protect you from this situation should it arise. In the unlikely event of not being able to place you, permitted you attend the interviews we arrange etc, then after a short time you go on payroll anyway and are free to leave after a short period if we cannot find you a placement, without owing any of the training fee. However this is unlikely as we have an increasingly high demand for our Consultants. Don't worry, there is obviously a lot of focus on potential problems with the contract but there are things in there to protect you too.

Good question though!



I’m from near Manchester. I saw that you were taking on 100 new people in Manchester to service your North West customers

What would be the furthest I would be expected to travel to do a placement or how far are the furthest customers from Manchester in terms of cities e.g. Leeds? Liverpool?

Thank you