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Suspiciously misleading


NB this post is my based on my opinion and my experience with FDM.
It’s important to understand the business model used by FDM. Their business is recruiting fresh naive graduates who are having trouble finding a job. The barrier for entry with FDM appears to be lower than with other graduate recruiters. FDM then offers them a very expensive training (usually graduate recruiters will train their employees for free). The purpose of the training appears to be two fold - firstly to help graduates get a job with one of FDM’s clients and two, to laden them with debt so they’re tied to FDM for the duration of their contract. Then FDM pay the graduate salary well below the market rate while charging them out to clients. I’ve written a number of comments on this thread and they’ve all disappeared. It appears that FDM are very active in identifying negative comments and asking to have them removed and getting their marketing department to write positive reviews of the company. When I first started working in IT in London I got a starting of 35k + benefits and 6 weeks free training to start me off. After that I got excellent mentoring. Unless you’re desperate, don’t sell yourself short!


This thread has been on for nearly 6 years. I remember my experience with FDM close to 5 years ago. It wasn’t very good, the assessment centre wasn’t great and I was sent home after just the second interview. I asked for feedback and they said they couldn’t give me any and let me out the door while other candidates watched me ushered out.I felt very ashamed and didn’t know people were allowed to do that to a graduate. To cut the story short, I am happy it happened. Today I work in one of the biggest banks in the world as a network security consultant through my limited company. I wouldn’t recommend FDM to my enemy.


I completed an assessment centre at FDM. It was suspiciously easy (i.e no group exercise, very short interviews and very basic tests). Essentially, if you complete an assessment day at any other high profile software engineering company and compare it to FDM’s you’ll understand what I mean. This led me to research them a bit more online and I’ve seen some shocking reviews on the company and their graduate scheme. Having completed other far more challenging and interesting assessment centres since as well as receiving considerably better offers, I’ve declined FDM’s offer and would I would not recommend them unless you’re desperate. Their business model and selling point is that they can get you into big companies as a consultant; if you’re ambitious enough and good enough, just apply directly to these big employers. FDM deceive naive graduates attracted by a quick and easy application process. The best graduate schemes are difficult and filter out the right candidates in quite some detail. I feel like you barely have to try with FDM. Furthermore, they have no limit on how many people they recruit and you’re easily disposable in the first 12 weeks of unpaid training. Wouldn’t recommend this company to any ambitious graduate particularly in software engineering. There’s a lot more lucrative, challenging and rewarding schemes out there. Nothing worth having is easy.


You did the right decision.


If i do a sunmmer internship with fdm… Do i have to stay on for the graduate programme


Hi everyone! After reading a lot of posts I’m a bit confused. On my first contact by telephone with FDM, I was offered a paid training period of 170 pounds a week during 10 weeks. It may be wrong?


I had something similar. However, they basically pay for your travel expenses + £100pw - something like that which is terrible for an actual graduate programme. It’s that way for around 10-12 weeks until you interview with a client and get a contract. After that, the pay does increase but I believe the salary is around £21k or something. From what I’ve read / heard, it sounds terrible


Hi, Did you take the offer with them?

How did you / do you find the experience?


Is the £100pw taxed?


I was actually mistaken. It’s not taxed, no. And it’s up to £100 so it could be less - depends on which zone you live.

It’s a terrible, terrible company / programme and I would encourage a lot of research of ‘FDM Graduate Programme’ on the net before going ahead with it.

Good luck .


I have not got graduate but I have it skill I done a week course on admin and I got my level 1 and 2 in ict


I was about to interview for fdm asia pacific graduate scheme but I found a lot of negative reviews of this graduate scheme in this post.check out this for some of the deleted content from web archive and it is worth reading for those who consider to apply fdm.