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Just one question FDG Group, are you eligible to sponsor an international student who have recently graduated from a UK university (currently holding a Tier 4 Student visa which is due to expire in a few months) to the Tier 2 Sponsored visa?


Thank you all for the enlightening discussion in this thread.

I have a telephone interview with FDM later this afternoon. However, after reading this thread from beginning to end, I think it unlikely that I will apply for a role there.

The terms of the contract seem onerous and the few success stories posted in this thread look suspiciously like PR spam. It’s hard to make a proper assessment of the risk given that FDM is naturally emphasising the upside, but the consequence of that is that is that it is overshadowed by the unquantifiable (by me – given lack of access to all info) downside risk and the prospect of acquiring such a large personal liability.

If FDM would like to supply some more comprehensive stats, that would certainly help. For example, if I was in the dev stream in 2012, what is the probability that I ended up doing dev work for a bulge bracket bank? What is the probability that I ended up doing dev work at all? What was the average amount of time I spent not working?


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I got a job with CHP Consulting. They’re a London based asset finance consultancy. I worked there for 2 years and had a great time. After that I decided I wanted to go into App development.


Hi FDM is it possible to be fast tracked to the second year if you excel in the first 6 months of the first year?



Do you have any response to the concerns of “concerns”. I am in a similar position to heteroskedasticity99 with a telephone interview pending and must admit that I have been scared by some of the things I have read on this forum. Mainly this:

"Hello, i attended an assessment day recently and have some concerns.

apparently after you finish your course you have to pass a signing off process of exams and interviews before FDM start counting the 90 days where you can leave with no charges due if they don’t find you a job. the problem is it is at their sole discretion whether you have completed this successfully or not

I spoke to people there already who had finished their training months ago but were still having to go in every day unpaid with no interviews and no idea of when they would be able to leave, as they were effectively trapped with a £20,000 price tag to get out of the contract

it seemed like a really depressing atmosphere, apparently other students had run out of money, stopped going in or moved to other countries to escape!

Why is none of this explained?

We only get told about the success stories where people get jobs after a few weeks, not the reality of what seems to actually be happening…"

Would a response from you (FDM) be possible?

I would also like to know why you are unable to answer MarkPurnell’s queries regarding the contract, could you (FDM) contact a colleague from the legal team?

It seems that there have been some questions that have been asked again and again with little or no response. Could you please put my mind at ease?




… or is that not possible?


I’ve been training for over a week now, i will be coming to the end of my second week this week, where i can decide to opt out free of charge, or carry on and complete the training, tying myself down to the contract. I’ll admit i didnt really look around whilst applying (this was the one and only graduate scheme i applied for)

I do wish i did look around as from what ive heard online, it’s not the best company, and having been here a week already, i can see why some people have concerns. However two of my uni mates have been placed already (one at hsbc the other doing a government job) so clearly the graduate scheme does have success.

Right now i just dont know whether i should chance it and carry on past this week (it might turn out well) or whether i should leave.

So far the classes have been pretty intense and the teaching has been ok, and everyone is really friendly and willing to help when you’re stuck with somthing.


mumbojumbo, if you are already working there why are you looking to the internet to tell you what the company is like? I think this is a good place to get second opinion on something but you work there and so you will know better than anyone on here. I would talk to the other employees


I was hoping to draw opinions from previous employees who have done 2 years at the company already. Generally the people i have met so far have been trainees like me so i wanted to speak with someone who had been there a few years.


There were quite a few opinions on here from some people who said that they had worked at FDM and it certainly sounded real enough

Unfortunately they have been deleted -


Hi I think I’m through to the training phase based on communications so far.

Only thing is I’m not sure based on the unpaid nature of the training plus the 90 day waiting period after it.

I would really appreciate your opinion as you have been through some training with them. Did it pay off? i.e. did you get a placement after training was complete?



Thanks for sharing your experience Azim. Were you offered a training contract? And when was this exactly?

As for decision making it would make sense that the assessors gather the information and feed it upwards to a manager. They make recommendations and the manager has the final say. Was the manager you saw one of the people who interviewed you during your assessment?

Sorry about all the questions!


There is an assessment test (it takes about an hour), and you are interviewed by at least one of the trainers and one of the salespeople who will be finding you a job after your training. All of the results are considered - the interviewer’s impressions, and the test scores. When I went through the procedure, nobody was told the results at that time. A recruiter sent me an email afterwards, telling me that I had passed the assessment.



That’s pretty much exactly how my day went. When did you go through the assessment centre? Did you go on to train with FDM?


Yes, I work for FDM Group in NYC. It has been a great experience - they are very supportive. I’ve had two QA contracts so far,and they have given me opportunities in the office when I’ve been between contracts (as I am now).


Sorry… I started my training in June 2012.


Hi Nancy

Can you post up your linkedin page please

A lot of what I think we read (especially on glassdoor) is written by FDM marketing department

I notice that any negative comment on here is quickly removed


Guys, it’s true that a lot of positive reviews are written by FDM marketing department! What you should do is have a chat with those who have gone through the process themselves! I found FDM Group Community on Facebook really helpful as you get to ask not the salespeople(who will tell you what you want to hear) but the real trainees/placed mounties! You’d better make a good research and ask a lot of questions before making a decision… .


Yeah I heard that FDM has a very bad reputation.