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Hi fdm how long does it take to get a feedback from an 25 Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways - do not wander into her pathways;
day. Plus is it possible to reapply after no offer


Sorry keyboard went crazy: how long does it take to get a feedback from an assessment day. Plus is it possible to reapply after failing assessment


I’ve been following this forum since I had went on an assessment day with FDM about 4 years ago.

Originally I wrote a long post about my experience. However FDM had the post deleted. I don’t know how, I assume they threatened Wiki jobs. I think the posts on this forum give you a pretty good idea of what FDM is like. I want to give you an idea of what I did after declining the job offer by FDM so you know your options.

I declined the FDM offer for a number of reasons: Low salary, horrible office atmosphere, not being paid for while training and no guarantee that the 20k fee would be waived.

After a lot of interviews, I got a job with an IT consultancy. The package included 35k starting salary and lots of benefits like health and life insurance. After 4 weeks of initial training (paid obviously) I was straight to work on the client site. The company paid our first class train fares put us up in a 4 star hotel. I also received a £40 a day tax free supplement for the inconvenience of working away from home. The work was hard and I felt like my head would explode but I learned a vast amount in a short amount of time.

Over 18 months with the company I received cumulatively about 3 months of training and had a lot of mentoring and support. My managers were always ready to spend an hour of their time explaining something I didn’t understand. After 6 months they we were promoted and got a raise. I also went on a number of company paid holidays to Cyprus and Greece which were amazing.

After 18 months I decided the job wasn’t for me so I resigned. By that time, with the experience I had and the money I had saved I was able to take 6 months out to learn iPhone development. I’m now working as a freelance iPhone developer earning £5000 per month.

Am I happy I declined the FDM offer? Yes. If I had accepted I would be just ending their training period. If you’re talented and prepared to put in some hard work you can succeed without FDM.

There are companies who will train you AND pay you! You’ll get out to the client site quicker and you’ll have control of your career. If you don’t have the skills yet, take 6 months out and train yourself - there are plenty of resources available on the internet.

I would consider FDM only as a last resort.


I suppose it is up to individuals to make an informed choice depending on their circumstances Johnj

I think that this thread provides a lot of uncensored views.

There is no doubt that getting a job is hard work. Whether taking a chance on what appears a lottery with FDM is the solution I don’t know - it isn’t for you or me JohnJ

The prospect of getting no job - or a crap job - at the end of all this unpaid training and 3 months waiting is too much of a risk, I think, to ask any individual to take


“I would consider FDM only as a last resort”. - AGREED!


A word of warning for all those who are considering joining FDM:

Please DON’T. From personal experience I can tell you that given the chance they will screw you over.

If you respect yourself and have any morals then FDM is not for you. They treat you like children and are generally inflexible. Do not be fooled by the graduate recruitment fair - current morale amongst trainees and consultants is at an all time low.

You are not guaranteed a job in an area you trained in - I know a couple of people who’ve trained in PMO and ended up doing app support, hell they tried to get me to do it.

There is this unpleasant sense of fear. Trainees/consultants are very scared of getting the chop for the slightest mistakes…people are huddled around berating the company, it really is a sorry and sad place to work. Please don’t put yourself through that.



I’m wondering if working for FDM group is suitable for me as I’ve got a 2.1 in Geography which isn’t a technical degree but do have experience of using IT programs in my uni course…Any help is much appreciated!


I have worked with FDM group and frankly it has been very disappointing.
The way it works is you start your training and hope that you will get a job soon. The sales people are totally neurotic and there is no transparent way they approach people with available jobs. The only way is to suck up to them, in all this your qualifications or hard work during training doesn’t matter because if you make “friends” with sales people you get a job otherwise you sit and wait.
Girls always get placed first, coincidence? NO
When I joined I was promised world class training but the trainers turned out to be FDM consultants who couldn’t get a job and they knew very little about the subjects they were teaching. I repeatidly mentioned that I didn’t need some parts of training because they were incorporated in my qualification but that was brushed aside.
It can be a good opportunity depending on how desperate you are for work but I would recommend finding a graduate role on your own.


I agree with you completely, the sense of fear, sucking up to account managers and them treating you like idiots is sadistic (It is laughable because most of them have quite shitty backgrounds and questionable morals (some really perverted guys who do not let go of any chance to flirt with girls)


I have a question.

Has anyone ever been able to leave inside the 2 years without being charged due to unmitigating circumstances?


frankly you don’t need to leave before 2 years because you’re on placement but they say they judge each case on its own and I think if they can’t find you a job within 90 days you can leave without paying anything but that rarely happens



How long ago would a student have to be graduated from college to be considered for your Training Academy?



perkins1012 - They have taken on people without a degree. Anyone can sign 2 years away with FDM.


everything “jobberjoe” said above on 16 March 2013 - 9:54pm is true. He has put the experience into his own word’s and I have experienced the same first hand when I was there.



Just an update on my experience with FDM.

Terrible company - I had an interview with them in September, which was the easiest thing in the world, I think everyone got through.

Then I had to wait until January to start… i thought ok.

Then I got told I had to wait until the end of March and thats when I thought I can’t be bothered with this company. Just to add, when I was successful I didnt get any phone call just an email saying I was successful. The not an update for 2 weeks until I constantly called them for an update. Which was that I had to wait 4 months to start with them.

All in all my wait for 7 months for a start date - I must add I got a job in a global company, with better pay and much better customer service skills. FDM IS NOT WORTH DOING.

All in all, if you got no prospects of a job, no commitments to anything even money and family then go for FDM.

Happy for FDM to challenge what I have said.



I understand the pay structure £22,000 per year.
I understand that the training costs £20,000
I understand if I leave before then I will still owe you training fees

If you get me an application support role at the end of my 2 years, when I have paid off my training am I free to get a job if you decide not to keep me on?

I read the below, which seems to suggest if I try to get a permanent job with the people that you placed me with you will charge me 3 months salary.

Is that correct?

“After the two yrs if you want to go contracting with your employer u have to either buy out for 3months gross or leave for 6 months and come back”


@JohnJones: What’s the name of the company you had your training with please??


What’s was the name of the company you had your training with please???


wtf were they thinking!

At that time of life you’d have thought you’d have learned the meaning of self-respect and dignity.


I work for FDM in the USA. You have to be able to support yourself while you are in training, because you do not get paid. However, all of the training is free, with the stipulation that you will work for them for two years following the training.
For me, this has been a wonderful opportunity. I was a programmer many years ago, but took time off to raise a family, and the industry had undergone major changes. If you get through the program, they have three months to place you, and if they can’t, you are free to take that training elsewhere. I was placed about three weeks after completing the program.
About a month after I started working, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, and after a month in the hospital, passed away. FDM has been wonderful, allowing me time off to care for him, and then to recover, myself, from his passing. They couldn’t have been more supportive and compassionate.