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Hello ,

Does anyone know about a company called FDM, they provide IT trainign to graduates, I have visited their website
and the service and traing they offer looks excellent.

They have very good client list with whom they work.

does anyone have had gained traing or any experience with them and would like to share.

thank you.


I remember a friend of mine, who worked through FDM, they trained him and everything and he ended up working at one of the IBs (Credit Suisse I think) before his work permit got rejected.


Last Friday I applied for the post of Software Testing in Manchester. The day after I received a call from FDM inviting me to the open evening on Tue 14 September for which I shall probably attend. However I have few concerns:

  1. Should I get accepted for the 3 months training with no pay am I guaranteed a Job at the end of it, because I am currently in full-time employment and don’t want to throw that away for a chance not to even get another job.

  2. How much does this cost me & who pays for the training? I realise I shall not be getting paid whilst being trained and they will be saving money that way but who does pay for the training what is in it for FDM by not charging me for the training, they must make their money back somehow?

  3. After the training do I receive a recognised qualification within the IT Industry? I accept that I shall be placed within a company for a minimum of 2 years, however afterwards if the company and I choose to go our separate ways will this qualification help me find another different type of job within the IT industry or is it specific?

  4. The Job advertisement states Junior / Graduate. Now I went to Lancaster Uni and only completed 1.5 years I did not obtain my degree, however I do have experience in the IT industry. Shall this affect my chances of getting through the application process and I presume it was affect my salary. If I am applying for the same positions as Graduates the company shall be more willing to accept the graduate than myself begging the question again is I guaranteed a Job? Also a graduate shall be expecting to be on a higher salary than myself so will my pay decrease accordingly.

I apologise for these four long winded questions but I have to be fully sure myself about the company as they do me before leaving my current position. All thoughts gratefully received!



I heard FDM have ridiculous amounts of people going through them each month…I’m not going to be applying as I recently got an offer in retail- but I did research them a bit as I was interested in IT training a few months back. They’re very similar to another company which does the same thing- I think they’re called JustPC or JumpMC or something wierd…but FDM are really well known. I think they’re on the site at the mo…

  1. It depends how far you want to push your employable skill sets- My current job looks like there’s room for growth- but if you don’t have that, then you might end up stuck in a dead-end role rather than a full fledged career. Short Term or Long Term

  2. No idea- but I reckon they get a finders fee from companies that take you on-- apparently advertising vacancies is really expensive, so they probably get several grand for each person they place!

  3. Yeah- mos definately some sort of qualification from IT industry- and I remember it being transferrable.

  4. No worries- graduates are overrated these days- 3 years of reading books at uni is not the same as work experience- so don’t worry. I read History at Brookes and it didn’t help me at all…

Hope this helps, And good luick!



**I too have read many posts about FDM, most of them negative. A lot of them refer to that 25k clause that binds you to them during training. I’m pretty sure that everyone can’t all be hating on FDM! Which leads me to believing “most” of what is written about them.


**Love your name btw hehe. History at Brookes you say? Heard it’s a highly rated course. I’m also a graduate from Brookes on a privaleged graduate scheme; so certainly my 3 years reading books wasnt a waste of time. (FYI I did have work experience as well). It’s a matter of showcasing your skills brighter than all the other applicants.



I have an assessment day coming up in edinburgh shortly. Can you please confirm what is it going to be about.



i had an assessment day 2weeks ago, then another interview and code presentation a few days later.

Anyway, at the end of my 2nd interview before i was leaving, Gemma (i guess those went to the london assessment day would know her) my first interviewer she said to me " welcome on board fdm and i should just wait for confirmation",

During my 2nd interview, I felt i did horrible (I started a sentence and ended up not knowing what i said), 2nd interviewer (account director) at the end said he will have to look at my pusedo code test to make the decision whether to hire me or not.

Before I left I asked Geema what did I get in pusedo code test, she said “7/10” and I asked what is the average and she repilied “3 to 4 out of 10”, that is when she said i should be fine and welcomed me on board fdm.

my question is how long after the assessment day did they offer you the job?

Thank you

ps I was too happy when she welcomed me on board and i forgot to ask her when i should expect the confirmation.

pps I called yesterday to ask for interview feedback as i assume i have been unsuccessful, to my surprise Gemma told me she hasnt heard the decision on my application.

Thank you again for reading my long post!


@ Gradrecruiter

What makes you say this thread is interesting?


I have an offer from FDM, and I’d really appreciate anyone who has worked for them in the past to share their experiences.

I’d love to be placed with one of their investment banking clients so if anyone has done this please let me know.

As for the assessment centre, I thought it was quite easy tbh. Standard group activities, interview and presentation. One thing I didn’t like was the way the other candidates were treated, they were asking people to leave after every activity and I thought the way the did it was really cold.


Thanks very much for that PC Advisor, I really appreciate it.


I could not go through with this.

I would have to quit my job, move miles down to london to do their training, in which I would have to self fund my living costs.

Dont get me wrong I would quit my job today and relocate down to london if I had a wage (or at least expenses) for the duration of the training!

They suggested I get support from family and friends! Not all of us have access to such money! Being from the north the rent, transport, living costs my parents would have to provide would put them in debt!!

So what do I do? Take out a loan?

It seems that, for people like me, you need money to make money :frowning:


hi there,

i am in the same dilemma. I am able to attend to the assessment centre in Manchester for the project management office role, but the training would be in London meaning I would have to use my finances to relocate. The promises from FDM certainly sound very good… if not, a little too good to be true.

So I seek to find out whether the 2 year programme was a great experience and whether the graduates have got what they wanted after the programme.

obtaining my own finances to relocate to London would be a big step for me as I too will have to fork out a loan, so any experience that others would like to share would be great - is the 2 years a very enjoyable experience, and did you get what you wanted by the end of it?





Hi there,

I recently got an interview to an assessment day by the FDM group also.
It is really something too good to be true for me also. I mean I have not been able to find a job for 6 months after graduating, not even a telephone interview, now an assessment day ?

Please give me some advice.

Thanks in advance,
Chris Wong


i decided not go for it as i really dont have the funds to travel to and live in London… and there’s the concern that if u do find something better then i will have to pay for the training costs. it also does seem to be good to be true as i always get emails from too. i applied for a call centre job at sky today and even that felt more of a challenge in the interview process than fdm does. if the telephone interview and assessment centre for sky call centre felt harder than fdm then surely its quite fishy.


Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that FDM now has a profile on WikiJobs and we will also be around to ask any questions you might have about the programme.

Usually we ask you to join our facebook group because then you can speak with our trainees and Consultants who will be able to share their experiences with you, and will be able to give you a more objective insight. If you would like to join our facebook group please visit: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2350940339 shush97 - I am glad you didn't find the assessment process very difficult, a lot of people do and don't get through it so it seems like you have a high ability.

One of the reasons you may find other interviews more rigorous is that a lot of other companies will not have the time to train you and bring you up to speed, so they need to be certain you can cope. Whereas, we know you are going to undergo training, so it is about what you know to a certain extent, but also your ability to learn as well as your soft skills. Anyway, if anyone would like to ask me anything then feel free, but i understand you may feel it is more beneficial to talk to someone who is going through or has been through the programme and can share their experience with you, so feel free to post your questions on facebook

Thank You



Whyhave so many posts that were asking questions about some of the “more uanswered” points on FDM’s service gone missing from this thread?


It seems the same as it was when we joined a couple of weeks back, although 'johnjones' original comment seems to be missing. I don't know what it said, maybe it didn't comply with forum rules?

CompSciGrad, do you have any questions you wanted to ask about the FDM programme? I am happy to answer them here or as said before you can join our facebook group and speak with people who have actually gone through the programme
Thank You


It’s interesting that a few days after FDM joined the forum they’ve started censoring comments! Coinicience?..

Anyway, while I’m here. I have a couple of questions for FDM:

As I understand, FDM is a training company. FDM give you training in an area of IT which has a nominal cost of around £20k. Tf you complete the training and a further two years in the employment of FDM then the training fee is waived. That sounds fair enough on the face of it. However when I read your contract in detail there were the following clauses:

  • “FDM can expel you from the course at any point and for any reason and pursue you for the cost of the training”

  • “Following two years employment at FDM, FDM may, at their discression waive, the £20k
    training fee”.

Having a clause like that is simply exploitative if it’s even legal and completely goes against the spirit of the way the scheme is presented.

Why do you have this clause?

Secondly, why do you use high pressure tactics to get people to sign up to your scheme? I was sat down in a room with two of your consultants who pressured me to sign. I asked if I could have time to think about it and they said no. I had to sign then or never. I’ve had job offers since declining FDM’s offer and I’ve never been pressured. I’ve always been allowed a few days to make up my mind.

If FDM’s scheme is really good for the candidate and not just FDM why do you pressure people to sign up?




Hi John,

Firstly we do not remove comments - we could not if we wanted to as it is the site's forum, and also we don't do that kind of thing. I would also have been interested to see any comments even if negative, though what is on this forum is all i have ever seen.
I do not work in HR so will be honest i am not overly familiar with the precise content of the employment contract but will try to address your points:
"FDM can expel you from the course at any point and for any reason and pursue you for the cost of the training" - FDM, like any other company cannot just fire anyone for no reason. If you do not, as agreed turn up for work or the training repeatedly without telling us why, or break any other part of the employment contract you undergo disciplinary like you would in any working situation. Please do not think that because this is in there we will always pursue the costs if someone leaves. There have been cases of family tragedy and of employees losing their right to work in the UK during their two years and in these unavoidable situations we do not pursue costs and try to make the situation as easy as possible. This clause has to be in the contract though to protect us from people coming in to do the training and then going AWOL. I can assure that this is totally legal and common in graduate schemes which include free training, covering relocation costs and some other terms which the company invests in them.
From a business point of view, we do not want people to do the training and then leave, even if we would get the training costs back, otherwise we would just be a training company and charge for this. We have many client requirements and our goal is to train people up to fill them and at the same time, they will be starting their IT career with a large company in the role they trained for. It is of little benefit to us to lose anyone during the programme.
I am very sorry you felt pressured to sign and am very disappointed to hear this. It is not our common practice to do so. We want people to enjoy their time which FDM and have a high number of recommendations made to friends by people who have come through the programme. We understand the scheme is not right for everyone and it is best for both parties in these cases if candidates who aren't sure do not make this commitment. I am sorry if you had a bad experience and i will raise this internally as we do not intend to make anybody feel pressured.
I hope this helps John and i wish you all the best of luck in your IT career