FDM Group ex-forces programme

FDM Group


I appreciate there has already been some postings on FDM Group but I haven’t seen anything recent or anything about the ex-forces programme. I have a couple of questions if anyone can answer.

  1. Does anyone know how important it is to be geographically flexible? I am leaving the forces because I want to be able to live in my own home with my children.

  2. Do you get paid if you don’t get placed straight away and if so, does anyone know the estimate?


This program is a known scam. Other similar scams are Pareto Law Recruitment. FDM recruiters get paid per individual recruited to the AC. Also if you break the 2 year contract you have to pay the £16k for training, if you don’t pay they will take you to court in Brighton. It’s a fact. Avoid at all costs. Don’t ruin your own future. You will be the only one to blame, if that infact happens.

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