FDM Academy Assessment


Hello, I have got an assessment with FDM Academy on the 24th Febuary. The assessment includes a presentation, 2 written test and interview. Although I have been told the interview is more of an informal (getting to know you) type. But a bit wary on what the recruiters are looking. Has anyone attended the assessment? Please provide your experience and are there anything I need to demonstrate.



I have done it 2 wks ago…I wouldn’t worry about it at all.They are mainly simple corrections and a few questions…You can answer them in your sleep…
The interview is also very very simple…Very informal and I dont know why they ask people to wear a suit…
All the best.


Thanks for getting back. I had my yesterday at their Manchester office. The interview was very short about 10 mins and I was asked only two questions, but the interviewer kept cutting me short.
Well I am waiting for know if I was shortlisted for the next interview. Did you make it to the next technical interview?



I also had a very easy assessment in London, although as it was explained to me, it was more to make sure that it was the right thing to do before having to book 5 days off for the next part of the process (still to come!). My interview was short, but sounds like it was a bit more forgiving than the one posted above! I was also asked numerous odd questions about where I live, how much rent I pay etc. too. I have been invited in for the next stage, and been advised on some background reading, but I would certainly advise anyone to just turn up for the first stage and you should probably pass if you land on the mystery correct answers. If it helps, I said that I live at home with my parents, 20 minutes from the training centre, and they were going to fund me through the training.
Apparently next part is pretty tough, friend of mine works there who went through an old process, and he says that a lot of new candidates come in and struggle with the technical assessment. Fingers crossed!


hello wikiwikiwa
i wud like to know sumthing abouh fdm…i hve done sum research on it n i find it interesting,i m plannin to join the academy,but as i see u have already been to the 1st stage of the assessment that is the interview n the test session,can u plz advice me on the test…i mean how is it the test,what kind of qestion they ask n what should i prepare for the test…i will be very thankful to u,plz do reply…


I went through the process with FDM.-- they are a scam!!!

They make people apply making them believe they will offer training but in reality they just keep you at their centers for a few weeks incase you want to leave early, if so they can than charge you £20000 for the training, so whot they doing is traping you in for a long period of time.

what they really looking for is: people with very high proffetional programing skills which they can take onboard and than send them to jobs worth £70 000 per year but will only pay you around £20000
They are just a very carefully formulated to their advantage employment agency.


Ignoring all your spelling mistakes, what you are saying is true. Here is the main thread for FDM :



But if your doing a job worth 70k…isn’t that a good thing? Your gaining amazing experience for a top-end job, and being paid the average salary. But after 2 years your sorted out bigtime!


I think what you say refers to the finance/support positions

Banks are using companies like FDM to provide flexible labour - Banks can keep you for as long as they like or finish you with a couple of weeks notice

That sort of flexibility is sold at a price - and that price is not what you get paid

If/When you’ve completed 2 years working in a support role see how easy it is to get a job out of the bank. Not very. Also FDM forbid you from working for any of their clients for 12 months from leaving.



Just an update on my experience with FDM.

Terrible company - I had an interview with them in September, which was the easiest thing in the world, I think everyone got through.

Then I had to wait until January to start… i thought ok.

Then I had to wait until the end of March and thats when I thought I can’t be bothered with this company. Just to add, when I was successful I didnt get any phone call just an email saying I was successful. The not an update for 2 2weeks until I constantly called them for an update. Which was that I had to wait 4 months to start with them.

All in all, if you got no prospects of a job, no commitments to anything even money and family then go for FDM.

Happy for FDM to challenge what I have said.


Hi Guys, I have just applied for a place with these guys, reading your comments I’m now very worried on weather to move on or forget about them. Any positive thing can someone say about FDM? Very concerned. I hope they don’t waste my time.


Hi Jobhunt2012,

And all others who have complained/ Highlighted us about FDM Academy. My questions is, If you guys know all this and Jobhunt2012 you are even ready for them to challenge you, Why not taking this company to higher Authorities? Or at least go to TV “Watch Dog” “Fake Britain” etc and just help many other people like me who are currently or will be going through hell with them? The thing is, I was wondering who/ how many really read this blog.

Thanks and looking forward to see you on Watch Dog.

Make people aware pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Thanks for your response.

But my question still remains the same. If you are sure of all the facts mentioned by you. Why let others face hell while you can report them?

why let innocent people suffer? Isn’t it just wise to help others by reporting these scammers as you call them?

Just wondering really if all that is said is true… As a good citizen, will you see someone being robbed and just look? Just thinking.


Well if they are stealing from people as others say on this thread then Police is the place my friend.

They will take it from there