FastTrack Assessment anyone?



So has anyone every done one of these FastTrack Assessments? Whats your experience? Which firm was it for? I know it’s all about problem solving, but that’s all i know!



Ohhh! Thanks for that! I hope it is easy like you say!

Although the example you’ve given about clubcard points… I can’t work out how many points it would be, is that coz you’ve not given me all the cards info…?

So by analysis each card and understanding what importance each element (from, to, class etc.) holds you can work out how many points that card with the missing points should be?

Did you manage to complete it in the time given? I have 45 mins to complete it.



Yes the cards I gave you are just examples, and there were about 15 of them. So don’t try and find a pattern there :stuck_out_tongue: (another element was Type: Single/Return. I only just remebered. And the minimum number of points was 100)

And yes exactly, from an analysis of the cards and the different elements on them you work out what the missing information is.

I think in that example the answer was:-

Start off with 100, 200 and 400 for economy, business and first class respectively. Then double it if it is a return ticket and double again if the From: and To: were on different continents. Or something along those lines at least.

I did finish in time, just. Whereas I didn’t finish my paper numerical reasoning test.

Good Luck!


Okkk! I hope it’s not too difficult! It sounds difficult anyway, but hopefully i’ll be able to group the cards in some way to understand what’s common about them to work out what the number is.

Thanks for your help!


I had to do one at the last assessment centre I attended.

You get given 5 or 6 sets of cards, with between 12 and 20 cards in each set.

Each set is about a different ‘scenario’ and each card has information on it. However some cards will be missing some information and you have to fill in the blanks based on what information is on the other cards.

For example, with the fasttrack test I did:-

One set was about ‘clubcard’ points people received for buying various flights.

One card would say:

Name: Janice.
From: London
To: Rome
Class: Economy
Type: Single
Points: 60


Name: Tom
From: Paris
To: Beijing
Class: First
Type: Return
Points: 1600

There are certain patterns you have to pick up on and 3 or 4 cards will have the Points (or any) section blank which you have to fill in:-

Name: Ben
From: Berlin
To: Rome
Class: Business
Type: Return
Points: ?

I thought it was one of the easier things you have to do at an assessment centre.


The other sets of cards were about, -tax paid on various items being brought in through customs, -criteria for entitlement to a company car, -an international company dealing with worldwide timezones.


Anyone else wanting to share their experience of this test??


see other thread on this subject for my experience…much the same as above but adding that it is much harder to describe than it is to do it!

Good Luck!



any more experiences/tips? can you prepare for it in advance or is it more your just good at it or not?


I’m starting to panic about this fast track test here now lol

No one have any tips atall? Are there any available online to get an idea? I’m googling just now but no joy

Infact I found this:

right thing yeah?


I think the more you think about it the more panicked you’re gonna get!

Someone on this said it’s quite straight forward… i think it’s more of a puzzle/game… analyse what’s given and use all the info to work out the missing piece of info.

Well that’s how i’m thinking about it anyway. If you’re still not sure what you’re doing, why not give the firm a call? I did, but she wasn’t very helpful and basically told me it tests your problem solving…


Really…of alll the things I’ve done in years of interviews and ACs this is one of the least worrying things.


It is just, as mentioned, like a puzzle…similar to the logic kind of things you get in magazines such as Mensa.

The post above by Ordo is accurate in what the cards look like. You can’t really prepare for it in the way you can verbal/numeracy.

You could look for some puzzles along the lines of "if ABC = 25 and BBC = 34 what does AAC = " rather than tests but to be honest if you are intelligent enough to get to the interview stage you can probably do Fasttrack.

My advice is spend your time reading the papers, working on commercial awareness, finding out about the firm/role you are applying for…in my own humble experience and anecdotedly from others you are much more likely to fall down on these areas than tests by the time you get to interview/AC.

My own experience e.g. - passed Fasttrack/verbal/numeracy with flying colours at one AC…failed on presentation = no job…failed/did not do well on e-tray but did well on presentation/interview at another = job!

Good luck!


PS: My puzzle example was not real!