Fast-tracked to KPMG assessment centre


I was rejected after a KPMG AC about a year ago, and after applying again now I’ve been fast-tracked to the AC stage. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, does the partner interview differ from a normal (non-fast-tracked) one? Would I be asked more competency questions for example, and would my previous application be referred to?

Also, in terms of the partner presentation, when the brief says: “The advice you would give to the organisation to ensure successful development of their business”, is the idea to refer specifically to the services KPMG can offer? (I think my presentation was definitely my weakest point last time.)

Thanks to anyone that can help!


I have been fast tracked too, which office have you applied for?


London. Have you applied before?


When did you guys submit your applications?


I don’t think it would hurt to throw in one or two services that KPMG can offer specifically how they can do so.


I applied at the beginning of August and was told I could go straight to the assessment centre


Yeah same, think mines in Reading. I’m going to find a simple business to present on which has some obvious areas of expansion and then say how kpmg can assist with it


Sounds like a good plan, after reading some of the other threads I’ve now got some ideas. Well good luck!

So no-one knows whether the partner interview might be different to normal?


Did you guys have to do the PAPI with like a 180 questions where you had to select answers on a scale of 1-5? Didn’t see that with Deloitte.


yeah… everyone has to do the PAPI…