Fast Stream etray



I have my FastStream etray exercise on Mon 8 and was wondering if anyone else has had theirs yet? Was it like the example? What was the topic?

Cheers guys


How did it go i have mine on the 11th Dec what can i expect ?



Some pointers on this would be great


How did it go? Lot’s of people interested in this!


Okay dokey i shall fill you all in with the FS application process and the process of Assistant Statistician.

FS App

Firstly the etray is nowhere near as hard as people make out so DO NOT PANIC. If like me you are applying to it because you have been rejected by the IB and trading roles then you will breeze it so long as you have a bit of common sense about you.

First exercises are simply re tests of the verbal and Numerical tests that you sat online to make sure you are capable of doing the tests and thats someone did not do it for you. These are pretty much the same SHL ones as all the big four and IB ones pretty straight forward.

Its all done on computer and you are provided with a rubbish basic calculator so make sure you know how to do all your sums on a basic one not just a scientific one or you may come unstuck.

Next was the answering email problem, here you were given a wide array of literature to read and then you had to reply to emails accordingly selecting the appropriate response from the lists that came up normally a choice of 4. Here you had to choose which one you were most likely to do and which one you were least likely to do. The best tip i can give for this is to skim read it and memorise the key details there is plenty of time so long as you can read fairly effectively. If you are in doubt of an answer just your judgement and common sense accordingly its really not that difficult i think i answered the 25 emails in about 10 mins or so and you get 40 minutes. Once you have answered all the emails 25 of them you can go back and check them. Just try not to panic.

Secondly was the written exercise and mine was on a natural disaster in some random country here they asked you to come up with ways to improve realtions with the country etc. Again i cant help you with this as what i put will not be relevent to what other people will do.

However what i will say is this be smart, the computers are not locked on that programme if you press the windows button on the keyboard you can acess the internet and other programmes. I found and used the word application to create my essay this allowed me to spell check it and edit it accordingly something which you cant to do in the normal programme where you write your answer.

I found it fairly tough at the time but afterwards thought that it wasnt so bad and had a response the day after electronically so they are fairly quick but if you dont automatically pass then it may take a while for you to be invited to the assesment centre.

Secondly the government Statistics interview

1st Stage

I applied to this job on a whim and had an assesment centre before i had even contemplated the FASTSTREAM. Here i was invited to sit the numerical and verbal tests now these were hard if you dont have a statistics background where you know about regressions, data analysis etc the DONT BOTHER GOING. The questions asked things such as standard deviation variance,p values and regression models etc. The second part of the numerical testing was based on data analysis here you were given data tables and told that any point where there was a 2 % change was significant and as a result you had to write up your findings in such a way that they could be placed in a tabloid newspaper and the readers could easily understand it etc.

2 nd Stage

Formal Interview, had this yesterday and they focussed to start with on key competencies such as when you worked in a team, when you had to bring in people from outside your team, when something went wrong what did you do, delivering results etc usual stuff. THEN much to my amusement they asked questions about statistics on the spot such as why would you use this test and why wouldnt you use this test, what would you do to manipulate the data. Also which is more important the statistics or the picture as a whole and how would you explain statistics to non statisticians such as a confidence interval. This put me on the spot abit as in the letter i recieved it did not mention anything about these sorts of questions but i think i did ok as i knew roughly what was going on.

hope that helps Ras