Fast Retailing - Global Leadership Program


Anybody been selected for interviews for the new three-year Fast Retailing Global Leadership Program?


I am very curious as well. I have been selected to submit the interview questionnaire assessment, which is due on 4/11, but have not heard anything back since. Would appreciate it if someone can update his/her process.


This is the new program started this year for the first time which targets MBA / Master graduates from top schools. I just got an interview. I guess the process is quite different depending on your location. For me, there is no assessment and 2 rounds of interview with their CEOs.


Thanks Runner15 for the response. I also just noticed that two of my schoolmates got interviews yesterday. But they were both interviewed by SVP for marketing positions. May I ask what is your background? My is finance so I am curious if they are setting up interviews by functions, or I may simply be scrapped from the process.


I’m in revenue management and I’m not sure how your schoolmates got interviewed to specific marketing positions. Could you share if you know? So far I know the selected candidates will rotate in different departments for at least a year in Tokyo, then they are expected to be responsible for a big scale operation that requires pretty much everything in finance, marketing, supply chain…
Interviews take place this whole month, so good luck!


Runner15 - Did you confirm with HR that there will only be 2 rounds of interviews? The US West Coast operation has not been very transparent about the process.

I’m going into a 2nd round interview now in a few weeks and was curious if this was the last one.


I had 2nd interview yesterday and I think it’s a joke. It’s not the last one and stupid. All information given from their recruitment presentation and 1st round wasn’t true.

Joining Ford in 2 weeks time and hope things arenot too bad for you folks.


I had 1st round interviews too, didnt progress to the 2nd interview. What was different? What did you mean by a joke?


2nd round is the same as 1st round, all screening stuff. The main interviewer did not show up and instead a guy from HR was there to tell you that FR there is no more leadership program. All information during their campus recruit is invalid. Is there anything more ridiculous than that? They wasted our time. They invited me to 3rd round but I rejected


Wait I’m confused runner15. They no longer have a leadership program but they invited you to a 3rd round? Who was the 3rd round with and how long did it take for them to follow-up with you?

I just finished my interview 2 days ago. They told me I was interviewing with a C-suite exec but instead the senior director of HR of FR interviewed me. It was another 30 minute behavioral interview.

Can i also ask what school you are from? LBS?


I gave my 2nd interview around 2 weeks ago and still awaiting decision. I had this interview with the CEO of one of their brand. Do anyone of you have any idea when are we supposed to get decision of 2nd interview?


I haven’t heard about when we should expect to hear back. It’s strange that they are staggering their 2nd round interviews by a 2 week period. I know a group of 2nd rounds interviewed in Singapore at a similar time as I did (4 days ago).

I imagine they are discussing and results will go out this coming week sometime.

Also the recruiter i spoke to said that they might throw in an extra round of interviews depending on the candidate…


I went for their interviews 2 weeks ago in London and am scheduled to go for another one at the end of this week (my 3rd one) It’s disturbing that I can’t really find much information on this program and I’m just wondering if it’s the Uniqlo Manager Candidate program repackaged under a different name. (I hope that’s not the case as we were told it was targeted at postgrad schools). Anyone care to shed more light on this?