Failed to find internship, get work experience? Other choices?


Dear WikiJobers,

I’ve failed to find an internship this year (I’m a 2nd year student studying Actuarial Science) as I’ve been rejected for all my applications. It was really important for me to get an internship as I’ve not got any professional work experience and I’ve had poor first year results (2:2).

My secondary school results are good, but that’s pretty much the only thing on my CV. I’ve also got non professional work experience which includes decent experience from eBay as I’m a Top Rated Power Seller on eBay and working in my family restaurant. I’ve had my CV checked by a few careers advisors/services and they say it’s fine as I’ve managed to turn those two experiences into what seems like very useful work experience.

However, due to my lack of professional work experience and poor first year results, I worry that next year I will have a very low chance of obtaining a graduate role. It’s too late for me to apply for new internships now so I was wondering would it be worth me trying to just apply for 1 week work experiences in perhaps a number of places? I’ve not really researched fully if there are any open but I was wondering would it be beneficial?

Are there any other choices? What can I do between 2nd year and 3rd year without an internship? I don’t think blowing my money on a holiday is a good idea, teaching was not one of my strong points either but I may try to find something such as teaching maths to A level students or perhaps even GCSE as I’ve always been strong with mental arithmetic and general maths (GCSE/A level etc).

Many thanks,