Failed pwc online application HELP!

Hi guys, so it was a while back when I was applying for a pwc grad role in London, I finished the application on the day of the deadline and then went on to do online assessments, which I think I scored pretty well (says it in the report that I had the highest level score for every criteria except for global acumen). And then soon after the report arrived I was rejected lol didn’t even get to the first round interview!

So I am currently in the process of prepping for telephone interviews for other big 4s and just thought it would be very helpful to know the reason why I was rejected!

The reasons that I could think of:
1.maybe that fact that I apply right on the day of the deadline?
2.Later I found 1~2 small errors in my motivations questions, which I think is the most likely reason
3. or just the fact that my answers to the motivation questions were not good enough, maybe not enough research? I think pwc requires the longest answers for those out of all the big 4s, so maybe those are relatively more important for them? idk
4. the fact that I lost one mark for Global Acumen, which I doubt would lead directly to a rejection since I scored well for the other ones!

So let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Hi Aly, really sorry to hear that your application got rejected. If you scored really high on your tests chances are your answers for the motivation questions were not up to their standards. I heard from a friend that if you have two grammatical errors they will reject the application.

Don’t let the rejection upset you, just learn from this and hopefully you will do great on your other applications! Also good luck with the other big four companies :slight_smile:

Thanks!! :)))