Failed EY first interview



Hi folks,

Just heard back after 7 days from hr via email saying I was rejected. The interviewer had said I would hear in 24hrs. This info was contradicting. I rung them up and when asked for feedback, I was asked for university so that the respective person for the uni would get back to me! I found it strange and did not make sense at all. When I spoke about the role I applied, the person was reluctant to listen.

I got this interview 2months after passing the tests. I was also left a wrong voicemail confirming wrong interview details.

I’m not complaining that I was rejected but I just feel the firm’s HR lacks professionalism. Anyone with similar experience?


Don’t worry about it, put it behind you and focus on your next application. I agree it is unprofessional - perhaps it is a blessing in disguise!

Good luck with the rest of your applications :slight_smile: