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Just wondering if anyone has been invited and done the assessments for Factset? Got an assessment day coming up and would like to know some more detail about the numeracy and excel tests. Are the numeracy tests standard SHL/PSL ones or are they done by Factset?

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Can anyone tell me what kind of things i need to go over for the numeracy test, my maths skills are not great so some guidance on what to cover would be great, and any further things to go over for any of the other test on the assessment day.



As far as I could tell the tests were specific to factset, certainly the finance and excel ones were. I didn’t recognise any of the hallmarks of the usual SHL/Mendas etc.type stuff. Which was refreshing. You get 90 minutes to do all three tests. More than enough time so don’t panic.

Excel test - easy, basic formatting and creating charts from data. Makes you use a few simple formulae like MAX() and SUM(). Only thing you might not know how to use that they ask is the VLOOKUP formula. Google it. It’s easy really though.

Numeracy - Multiple choice, basic questions and a few brain teasers involving things like speed calculations. Know how to calculate percentages and ratios quickly and you’ll be fine. They give you a basic calculator for this by the way. Some of the questions are really bizarre in how easy they are, for example I think one of them was literally ‘what is 3/8 of 72’ which is easy even without a calculator.

Finance - Again multiple choice. Only really a challenge if you aren’t from a finance background. It’s a mix of interpretation from given data, basic finance knowledge (e.g. what PER and EPS are) and some knowledge of the financial markets (e.g. if company xyz is the biggest company on zzz exchange what region of the world are they from).

I passed the tests, but screwed up the interview so if I were you I’d focus on preparation for that. The tests are all stupidly easy. I had them done and checked over twice within an hour.



Thanks for the insight to the assessment day.

I have just been invited to the telephone interview for the consultancy role, but cannot find any sort of info on their website that outlines what questions they will ask, can you give me some suggestions?

Also, I have read through the forums, but not sure about what follows the telephone interview. it straight from the telephone interview to the assessment day, or is there an intermediate step?



Hi shimmi_shammi,

i have the phone interview this week just wondering if you could offer some advice on what came up in the phone interview?

Hope yours was ok,



No worries

My telephone interview was literally 5 mins, I got rejected. What I would say though is prepare a very good answer for why consulting, why Factset. Look at the competencies listed that they’re after. I doddled about, wasnt prepared and consequently, muckiest up the interview.

Obviously, standard, give me a time where you worked in a team etc

Have their website in front of you, so you can do some last minute research if they try to through you

Maybe look up their share price and how it has moved over the last 6,12, 24 months, will be impressive for what do you know about the company



Thanks a lot for the info and im sorry about your rejection.

Good luck.



@ reda.diouri

hi, what questions did you get asked in your phone interview?


shimmi just wrote them. I havent had mine yet. Till next wednesday. When is yours?


what competencies do they look for?


hi, I plan to apply for summer 2012 as well.
Would you please share your telephone interview info here?
PS: have they started recruitment process? seems you guys are being interviewed already…


i maybe wrong, but i think they closed their app. process on the 17th


i maybe wrong, but i think they closed their app. process on the 17th


Hi, I’ve got my phone interview coming up. Does anyone know what kind of competency questions they ask?
Any help would be much appreciated.


Ok guys. Just had my interview. It was short and not hard at all. Im sure everyone will be alright.

Why MSc in your specified field? (If you did an MSc of course)
What do you know about FactSet?
Why finance?
What do financial consultants at FactSet do? (If you applied for that role).
Give me an example of when you had to use communication skills.
And a few CV questions.

Final thoughts: Make sure you research the company thoroughly, and that you show good communication skills, because they value that a lot at FactSet (again depending on the role).

Good Luck


I just had mine too. As reda.diouri said it was rather short. Here is what I was asked:

Why a BSc in your field?
A time when I had to work in a group at university and what key skills I had to use.
What made my team successful?
What skills a consultant at FactSet may need?
A time when I had to use MS Excel- I got stuck on this one because I didnt remember my excel functions :frowning:

Good luck to everyone.


anyone had their a/c yet?


I think the position for summer is still open…

Has someone submitted the CV for summer?

Any update for the Jan intakes? should be assessment center now…


got mine mönday!


i gave my tests on wednesday…hvnt heard back fromt hem as yet…any news guys??