Face-to-face vs skype job iterview (for no visa holders)?



I am trying to find a job in London. I am working in IT and living outside of UK (non-UK citizen - Republic of Macedonia (Balkans)). I am hoping in someone helping me determine or at least give their experience to the following questions (links to relevant resources would be appreciated too):

  1. Is it easier to find a job when available for face-to-face interview (for people that require visa sponsorship - no prior work in UK) or your chances to find a job would stay the same as through having a skype interview? And how big of a difference would that be? I am thinking if it pays off to visit London for two weeks and try to land an interview there.

  2. Is there a cap like 60K yearly in USA? Is there a cap for IT? Or is there a cap per country (and how big would that be for Republic of Macedonia)?

  3. Is there a company visa application period (like 1st of April in USA)?

  4. How unique are you for the UK market as a Senior Java Developer/Engineer/Architect?

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