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I have recently applied for the 2010 Graduate Operations Programme in Standard Bank in the U.K. I am done with the telephone interview and got the invitation to attend the face to face interview next week.

Could anyone please give me an idea about the questions they ask for the face to face interview? Will there be a psychometric test along with the face to face interview? I haven’t told that there would be one yet.

Would be highly appreciated if you could give your comments and experiences.

Thank you



congrats on reaching so far with standard bank!
I am currently preparing my app for submission, so I’m afraid I cannot help with concrete info.

How long did they get back to you after submitting your application?

If you have not had any online testing yet, I assume you can expect that to happen at the AC.
Is this your final round or just the 1st round?

good luck!


First round telephone interview - 30mins

Second round - 1 face-to-face interview

Third round - AC (going to be on the week of December 14th)

P.S. - I got invited to the telephone interview 2hrs after I submitted my application.



Wow! great info!




I got the invitation for the telephone interview the very next day after submitting the application



Thank you for the info. Are you done with the face to face interview?


What psychometric tests did you have to do?

Is it just Numerical/Verbal SHL?


Does anybody know what the psychometric test involves as I have one next week. Any advise would be of great help. Thanks


I just found out that all face to face interviews shceduled for this week have been cancelled and they might call later next week to rearrange the time. It sounds a bit dodgy, does anyone know what happened?


Do they recruit on a rolling basis or wait till the deadline to get back to you?