EY's Assessment Centre


Hello everyone,

Now i meet a problem about EY’s AC. In fact, I have received the email that I had passed the first round interview two weeks ago, but I still receive no invitation about AC. I emailed the HR, she said there are other candidates ahead of you in the process so there may be a wait for an Assessment Centre and the positions may fill. Therefore, I am not sure what will happen next. If the position fills, does that mean I would not have opportunities to attend AC? If this happens, could I ask HR to let me transfer to other offices that still have vacancies?

Hope to hear from suggestions about my situation.



If the positions fill they will either offer you another service line or the same service line you initially applied for, but in another location. Either way the only way they won’t want to continue with your application is if you fail the AC. If you pass it, they will know you’re of the calibre they want, so they’ll do their best to give you a place (worst comes to worst they may ask you to wait for a year before starting at EY)


Thanks for your information. I think I still need to wait.