EY verbal offer to formal offer


I’ve been made a verbal offer by EY following my AC about a few weeks ago now (2011, London), and still haven’t got my written offer. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Would it be safe to reject other offers?


I do not think it is safe to reject other offers. Call EY and tell them your situation and let them know that you want your written offer so that you can safely reject the other offers.


Hm, they said they’ll ring me back. Anyone experienced this before?


Hey wikkijobber, what position did you apply for? I applied to the advisory consultant programme, and I was told today that I’d passed the test. Can you tell me what the recruitment process is like? Does the interview come first or is it the assessment centre? What kind of questions were you asked? Please I’d would like to know!!! Thanks


Hi shayira, when did you take the tests?.. I took mine last Friday but still haven’t heard anything…=S


Hi super_bros, I took mine on Friday too and got a response on Tuesday. Have you heard from them yet?


Nope, I still haven’t heard back from them… I think I need to give them a call…=(


Have you heard back from EY yet? I am in the same situation: was told I had made it through the AC and that they would offer me a place (almost 20 days ago)- and I still havent received any paperwork yet. I applied for an April 2011 start, so I assume its not the most pressing issue- but I need to make a decision soon as I have other offers…


Nope not yet :frowning: I’ve rung and rung but nothing yet. I think the summer intern offers are priority then the leftovers get handed round… mind you my AC was almost 2 months ago…


i also still haven’t received any paperwork, my AC was on the 20/09…i guess 2 months is pretty bad though! I wonder why they just dont send us some sort of generic email!


20th isn’t that long ago… I’ve turned down one job offer and have one more to consider… Very anxious times. We all talking about London here?


got a more formal email offer saying that my offer letter and contract will be with me “shortly”, not forgotten!


What? I didn’t get that email?!


Did you not have a graduate recruiter giving you information at each stage? I have one and she has phoned me at each stage and replied to all my emails. I’m supposing you’ve alread contacted yours or maybe you didn’t have one?



I received my offer paperwork this weekend, which was a week after receiving an email asking for feedback on the process (which also said the offer would come soon). My AC was on the 15/09, so it took more or less a month. I applied for Advisory in London.