EY (UK) Experienced Hire 2017: How Long Does It Take To Hear Back After Partner Interview?


Hi there. I applied for an Experienced Hire position at EY 3+ months ago and had the final Partner Interview two Tuesdays ago (9 days). I sent out a Thank You note to the Partner last week and asked for status update to HR two days ago but haven’t heard back from either. I don’t want to bother HR again just yet, but do you know how long the process can take for a decision? Thank you for your help!


Same boat on the other side of the pond. Have another job offer. EY is likely to miss my services. Same advise, keep looking and move on. You’ve done your bit and asked HR. The ball is in their court. And I believe EY and PwC love keeping balls in their court! :slight_smile:


Did you get a reply from them? I’m in a similar situation just now and would like to know one way or the other - even if it’s a no.


Hello KW, did you hear from EY? How long did it take for them to inform you of the result? Thanks