EY Summer Internship 2020 intake


Hey Guys

I’ve applied for the Edinburgh summer intake for the Actuary role and have just completed the video interview stage.

Where has everyone applied to and how far through the application process are you?


Hey @sgahoppe ,

I’ve applied for consulting in mid October, and I’ve been at the shortlist stage (awaiting AC). Any updates on your end? :slight_smile:


Heya. I’m still on the short list for an AC :cry: been waiting ages now


@sgahoppe Yeah still waiting :neutral_face:


Hey @sgahoppe, I just received an email today saying that I’ve reached the longlist stage of the experience day. Due to a high number of applications received, they said they’ll update me in dec or jan on further steps. Not sure if this means they’ve started to longlist people in general (which is a good sign) or that they’ve already started to shortlist people and I’ve been placed in the longlist (not so good :joy:). Any updates on your end?


Heya. Must be a good thing cos i just checked the application portal and it says ‘unsuccessful at the short listing stage’ didn’t get an email or anything. Not really bothered though cos I’ve been offered an internship somewhere else anyway


@sgahoppe Oh that’s fantastic!! All the best with your internship:smiley:, which company is it if you don’t mind me asking?


Thank you! It’s at Hymans Robertson


@sgahoppe Awesome stuff! All the best with that :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, good luck with the rest of your applications