EY Pre Employment Checks



Hi Guys, I was recently successful in obtaining an offer from EY for their Graduate stream for September 2014.

I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on the credit checks done as part of pre employment screening. I have a low credit rating at the moment although nothing serious on my credit file. No CCJ’s, no bankruptcy or fraud or anything like that. I have a few phone bills which were a month or two late but am all totally up to date with them all. Have an authorised overdraft with my bank which I’ve had for about 4 years. Being a student I haven’t sought getting into any agreements other than my phone bill so nothing else on my account except a few pay-day loans which were all paid on time. However I do have a default on my account which is in the process of getting fixed as it was my movement between service providers and not good communication on their part which has caused the problem. I am sure it will be removed and the amount on the default was only £37, I mean, had I known that I had that outstanding payment I would have obviously paid it.

I have been really really worried about this so if somebody could categorically clear this up for me I will answer any questions whatsoever about the recruitment process and offer any information I have. Please respond asap and thanks in advance.


Any help here would be appreciated, I am very very nervous.