EY partner interview - most shocking interview in my life



I had a partner interview with EY yesterday and I can honestly say it was the most absurd, weird and shocking interview experience of my life. Definitely not what you would expect from a firm that trumps their ‘friendly’ culture. Please read on… the most shocking part is at the end.

The interview started OK, despite the weird format chosen by the interviewer and some really weird questions and discussions like:

  1. If I knew the latin root of the word audit. I said no… and then the partner wrote down AUDI and made me write down all the English words that start with AUDI that I can come up with.
  2. If I played golf and if I knew how in golf one of the most important things is to choose the right stick for each hit…
    These are out of context, but generally you don’t expect to get questions about latin and golf during an interview for an accounting job. I guess I was foolish enough to use accountancyage and wikijobs for my preparation and not my ‘How to be posh’ handbook.

Then we were discussing sports and I was asked if I am fit. I am not fit and he could see that. I guess I should start lifting and losing weight if I want a job with EY. Maybe an innocent question, but I still found it incredibly unprofessional.

Then, I get this beauty (this frankly is the reason I am writing this, as I found it absolutely shocking):
“I know there are a lot of your nationality students at your university. I find that a lot of them tend to stick together as a group and do not interact with the rest of the student body. Are you one of those students or do you have the mentality that you are in the UK now and you would make friends with everybody?”
At this point I was floored… I think I managed to keep my cool but I almost walked out of the room right there.
And no, I am not making this up… my imagination is not rich. I would have never expected such treatment from a ‘professional’ services firm like EY.

The end.


wow. That was extremely distasteful. I think I would have definitely walked away and educated them on ‘my people’ in a not so very nice way. I think that deserves some kind of complaint. I’m soo shocked.


Sports questions are uncommon but not never heard of. But the last question really throws me off, it is so impolite to point out your nationality directly. Is that his exact wording?


I’ve had my first round interview with EY before. It was face-to-face at their more London office. And I think I wasn’t prepared enough for their strength-based questions rather than competency-based questions so I was not doing very well. And after about half an hour, the interviewer started to get impatient and interrupt my answers. He would say “that’s enough” “we are running out of time” etc. And the fact that they put my application on hold for a long time because I had lectures and couldn’t go to interview on the date they requested in the first place just really annoyed me.

I’m not saying they are not a good company but maybe we are not cut out for their company style…


Did u pass the interview?


More importantly, Marksmith did YOU pass the interview??


Hey clutterback, no I didn’t pass that interview. That was almost a year ago.


It’s a terribly distasteful way of putting a valid point across; ensuring you are able to work with people from all walks of life is important. I can see where he was coming from and the issue he was trying to tackle, as that occurs at my university too, and does cause serious issues when it comes to group work on occasion, but it is not at all a good way of putting it.


Hi All,
I recently had my partner interview for the Audit graduate scheme in L eeds and I still have not heard any response yet. I am really worried and curious as of how long does it usually take them to respond because after my AC I got the response within 2 hours. Also, does this mean its going to be a rejection since the are taking so much time? :confused:


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What nationality is that?