EY online test


I have been really struggling with EY on-line test. I applied last year and got to AC stage and almost received an offer. This year, with the new system, I can not even pass the online tests. I passed the tests with all the other Big 4.

I also had few of my friends, who were also applying for EY and none of us was able to pass the online test. I am wondering who has recently passed EY online test and I would really need some tips on this.


I recently passed EY’s tests. I think it is about applying their EY’s core values/strengths to the tests. They want someone who ‘thinks’ like the firm. So they are looking for: people who work in a team, people who build lasting and personal relationships, people who are honest and have integrity, people who take an analytical approach. I suggest that you do the practice tests on Jobmi. You can only do the practice tests once on Jobmi, but I got around that by registering with different email addresses. Jobmi’s Situational test and feedback will give you a good indication on how to answer EY’s questions - do the Jobmi test a few times, answering different for each time and look at the feedback. Also, when doing the Situational Tests, figure out the following: What is the dilemma? And what core competencies are being questioned? What is EY values/Strengths being questioned? Just read and read the information EY has on their graduate website and portal - they have Q&A with partners and graduates which will guide you in the right direction. Let me know if you need any further help!


Thanks Man, This helped me out too. I took the EY test’s multiple times, but couldn’t pass them at any attempt.


hello,I’ve registered on Jobmi, but I find that I only have one set of questions(how many times I practice, the questions are the same).


your answer is really helpful! thank you