EY Offer Pack/Contract


Hey everyone, hope all is well.

I have just received an offer from EY to start Audit next year and was just wondering whether anyone knows how long EY/any accounting firm takes to send out the offer pack/letter after the all important phone call. Im letting the excitement get the better of me and just want to sign the thing!

Your comments would me much appreciated. Thanks.




I have the same question too, so your answer would be appreciated x2.

Also, does anyone know what compensation and benefits are offered to E&Y employees? eg. salary, bonuses, anything else?
Is it true that E&Y has frozen pay rises for the last few years?


Which office did u apply to Luue?


I wasn’t aware of the frozen pay rises, darn!
Jaz2, I applied to Manchester, what about you? So you’ve not received anything from them yet?



tbh, I don’t believe the freeze which is why I am asking. I’ll be at London Luue.
looking forward to it too. :smiley:


Hey guys,

Have you guys received you’re offer packs yet? If so, how long did it take? Because, I was made an offer on Nov 13th for London Audit with E&Y and I’m just wondering when I’ll receive the pack.



Pia - You contract was posted yesterday, so u’ll receive it this week. If not, call em. (i only know cause i called them just now).
What industry line are u thinking of going in to?


Not sure, given the choice, I’m thinking oil & gas or real estate. How about yourself? Btw, I got the pack this morning. Sweet!


Good, I hope to receive it 2mrw then.
Oil & gas sounds good, lots of travel. Personally I was hoping to work with SGM (but i am not sure if its available.)
Did u receive an email about Karting btw?


What’s SGM? No I didn’t receive any emails regarding Karting, I didn’t receive any emails after the final interview. I wonder when we’ll receive more information concerning induction. Is that what the Karting email was about?



Doeas anyone know what the PWC, Deloitte and E&Y starting salaries are roughly for non-london graduates? Feel free to PM if you dont want to publicise it… Just want to try make a comparison. :slight_smile:


Lil. x


Hey guys,

I also got an offer from EY in London Audit for next year - however, I have an offer from KPMG too, and am pretty much finding it the most difficult decision ever to choose between them! I’ve literally written out a list comparing pros and cons, and the most significant difference I can really find between them is:

EY has, IMO a nicer office location and office environment itself, and £500 more salary per annum…

and KPMG apparently has bonuses when you reach second year, a daily lunch allowance, and (from the admittedly narrow scope of information I can view and research online), more of a social scene for new graduates, and lots of sports clubs, etc. (For all I know EY may also have these, but I havent heard much of it there at all)

I really am completely torn between the two at the mo - I wondered if anybody has any kind of other factors, or opinions on which one I should go for, and that’d be very very much appreciated :wink:




Guys, are these salaries (25 to 27K in general for the big4)after tax or before tax deduction?
What is the in-hand salary approx?