EY numerical paper based test for TSRS


hi, guys,

After passed the online test, I been invited by EY for a paper based numerical retest in London.
The position i am applying for is Technology and Security Risk Services (TSRS). i believe all candidates would attend the same test at this stage.
Just a few questions:

  1. Is this paper based test still designed by PSL? Or other company, such as SHL?
  2. how many questions? how many minutes?
  3. If you’ve done it, how do you think about it? was it harder or easier than the online test?
  4. In this sessiion, is it just a test only? Or a interview takes place afterward in the same day?

i’ll share my experience after i complete it in next week.
many thanks!


i attended my paper based test on yesterday and got an email at 10:20 next day, which says i have passed.
this test is designed by PSL. 32 questions, 35 mins.

compare to the online test, it’s extremely difficult. it’s not only becuase of the time pressure but the complicated and intensive information given. in order to work out the answer, you have to understand the long question and seek data and information from one/two of three charts/tables given.

i can answer the unsured questions in other post: this test is NOT negatively marked, so don’t leave any answer blank.
your own calculator is NOT allowed.


Have you applied for TSRS graduate programme? They mailed me 2 weeks after my test results tht London is full.


yes, i applied for TSRS LONDON.

when did you get their email?

i supposed to attend the papaer test on last tuesday. but i got their email on monday, which said the test had been canceled due to the snow. so i re-booked my test on this tuesday.

if TSRS LONDON is full, they should let me know before the test!

i just searched their vcancy, TSRS is not on the list. maybe i will receive the same email later.


I recvd the mail 2 weeks back, n then chkd the vcancies. London TSRS was indeed not there.