EY Interview- Tax Coordinator


Dear Peeps, I have an EY interview, I understand that its a straight fwd compettency interview. Thats fine. But whats with all this shizzle in the second round, that their is a group interview? ! I hate stuff like that! Is that standard in all EY interviews??

I am going for a tax coordinator role.


Let me also add, where can i fin out about issues to do with tax, and factors that are impacting the big 4? Thanks.


In answer to your second point, have a look at the wiki page on [[commercial awareness]]. You’ll benefit from going to the links form that page too, e.g. Accountancy Age, and other accounancy trade magazines.


As a general point, EY aren’t using the competency based interview anymore. It’s now a standard set of questions based on your ‘strengths’.