EY Interview & AC - 2014 intake - International Candidate


I’m through with the online ability test at EY for the Sep’14 Audit programme. I have been told that I would be contacted shortly about the next steps which I figure would be the first interview on telephone since I’m not residing in UK. Besides, I would like to know how the Big4 conducts AC round for international candidates who are not in UK? I also don’t have a permit to work currently and neither did I study in the Kingdom. If I do get through, do they really sponsor people for a work permit in their graduate programme.

It will be helpful if an ex or current international candidate can shed some light on this.


Hi Siri

Thats a difficult one, the first round of interview is face to face. I have on coming up next week… Do you have any idea what kind of questions can i expect in the interview?
They do sponsor visa if you are on a student visa or post study work.

I applied for Actuarial graduate program - General Insurance.

Anyone can list the questions that one should expect in the face to face interview ?



How fast did you get your phone interview? I passed their tests and said i would be contacted shortly but its nearly been a month now and i havent heard anything back :S

i emailed them before and they said they had few interview slots cause they were dealing with a lot of 2013 intakes too but is it worth emailing them again? Its been like 2 odd weeks since that email.

Im applying for Audit - FS


Hey Darsh, I’m going through the same experience. I too applied to Audit FS. I cleared all the tests over a month back. Emailed them twice but no response. I think I’ll let it be for a while and focus on my upcoming first interview with PwC :smiley:


Hi Montgomery

How did your interview go? I’m applying for General Insurance as well, just finished the tests, waiting for their reply now



Hi Montgomery,

Did you get through the interview to the AC? Can you share your experience please?




Hey Guys,

I have my AC due soon for Actuarial General as well. I hope yours went well. Can anyone please share their experience of the partner interview or the AC in general? Any commercial awareness and/or unusual or hard questions?