EY Internship Application - ask me anything!


Ok so I got the call last week saying that I had been successful in my application in IT risk assurance summer internship scheme for 2014. Really pleased, and to thank wiki job for the info I gained I’d be more than happy to answer any questions about current applicants!


Congratulations! Does the selection process for intern same as Graduate scheme


Thanks! I believe it is yeah. At my assessment centre there were a few graduates and interns, all on the same day so if you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer.


Thank you very much. I’m applying an industrial placement atm. What kind of questions were u asked in the telephone interview? and how long did it take? Any tips to success in the assessment centre?


I was actually interviewed in the London office by a manager from my chosen service line. The interview was really good: there was a structure based around strengths (these can be found on the EY site!) so I was basically asked to give examples of where I’d displayed certain strengths/weaknesses. I was then asked to elaborate on these etc It wasn’t rigid at all, and although and my interviewer altered some of the questions slightly to be a bit more personalised, the interview was really quite standard. Overall it was a good chance for me to gain insight into the service line and the day to day operations, so I recommend lining up some genuine questions! It lasted roughly 45 minutes.

In terms of the AC, it was very different to my experience at PwC. At EY, there was an incredibly friendly vibe, where all the assessors were introduced, with a chance to chat before the day began properly. Apart from practising the written tests, there isn’t much you can really prepare for. I was given a standard writing task where after being presented with information on a company for potential investment, I was asked to write two documents in a specified time limit. All I can really say is type quickly, be precise and accurate and make sure not to include too much of your opinion/outside knowledge of the sector as I believe they scrutinise your use of the info presented. I tried to include a few statistics and % changes to demonstrate that side of things, but make sure that the layout is clear and satisfies the requests set in the brief. The group task was quite standard. Again, we were given info to read and absorb, and then given a chance to discuss with the team to reach a conclusion of which area and business to invest in. I must say that unlike PwC, I was in a small group of 3 and we bonded really well meaning that we could bounce ideas off one another and generate good discussion! So another tip would be to genuinely make an effort to get to know your fellow AC members wherever possible. It becomes apparent quite quickly that it isn’t a direct competition as all of us were applying to different service lines, so it pays dividends to work together!

Overall I would say that the AC is definitely the toughest stage of the process. I had failed my PwC AC exactly one week before through failure on one of the written papers, so I knew that everything else was on point - therefore my greatest recommendations are to work together; get to know your peers, read/type quickly and efficiently and prioritise the information given to you. Take notes, but don’t go over the top. Be an active member of the discussion and don’t be afraid to lead some parts of it, but DO NOT interrupt/criticise people’s ideas unjustly - always suggest another route or option.

Sorry if this is a bit sporadic but if you have any more specific qs please ask!


Thank you very much for answering. It’s very helpful, bless u!


Hi, I am going to have an AC in January for Corporate Finance summer internship. On that day, I will have a team meeting, a written report and an interview. I assume that you went through the same thing. I think the toughest task would be the written report. May I ask how you prepared for that? Is it similar to the Deloitte e-tray? Thanks!


I think it should be identical yes - nothing to worry about though. The written report is tricky but there isn’t any real way to prepare for it. All I can say really that there are two parts to it, and so proper timing is crucial. The ‘forms’ of writing are different too, so they expect you to tailor your writing to the audience - bear that In mind ! best of luck


Will take that into account! Thanks for the tips :smiley: